The creator’s “intimate garden” of the largest stained glass dome is this color

“In the generation I lived, I was told that the world is beautiful and I will continue to believe in it.” Glass sculpture artist Eric Bonthe, who made his Asian premiere at the Liuli Art Museum in Shanghai, also tells us with 32 works that the world is beautiful and we will continue to believe in it.

Eric Bonte’s most famous work is the world’s largest stained glass window and dome in the Yamoussoukro Cathedral in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Africa, which is made of millions of pieces of glass and covers a total area of 8,400 square meters over an 18-month period. Of course, we can’t see the magnificence of the dome at the exhibition, but we can feel the amazement of the scaled-down dome style on site.

Abstract, fragmented, or distorted, Eric’s new work on display fades away the colorful gorgeousness and returns the color to bright gold, pure transparency, and the darkness of the land. The glass was in his hands and became whatever he wanted.

“Butterfly Pliers” is a very unique creation in Eric Bonte’s exhibition this time. At first glance, it looks like a butterfly, but if you separate the glass and iron frame, the shell and crab tongs are clearly visible. Eric Bonte also deliberately added a touch of red to the work, which is the only color in this exhibition besides black, white and gold. Eric Bonte’s appreciation of nature, especially his love of the ocean, can be seen from this piece. The integration of technology on inlaid glass can generate new interpretations and tellings.

In the works “Comet Dust”, “Floating Clouds”, “Flying Dove”, and “Flying in the Light”, the simple lines, free bending, and the thickness of the carving change the glass into a comet across the sky, into a gust of wind.

You can even see the beautiful figure and beautiful carcass through these works, as if the glass has breathed and has life. “In such a thin work, with a very violent technique, showing such a delicate and elegant beauty, you must have a very clear grasp before creating.” Artist Yang Huishan, founder of Liuli Workshop, knows the difficulty behind the work.

“I really like the swimming state and hope that I can express the free sublimation of the soul through the static expression of glass.” Eric Bonte said. In this exhibition, he eschews all the techniques of his mastery of dome glass and carefully creates another of his intimate paradise: abstract romance, liberation from bondage.

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