The elegant Korean version of the coat is very popular with girls, in addition to maintaining the classic style of the coat, it will also add new inspiration in the details to make the coat more personal and fashionable, and wear a different taste, whether it is with skirts or pants, it is beautiful.

The large plaid pattern of this coat is very European and American style, classic and personal, wearing a big brand style, in the Korean drama “You from the Star”, Qian Songyi wears a similar style.

This plaid coat combines classic black, white and gray colors to create a small fragrance of urban celebrities, simple and capable design, wearing intellectual beauty, and a white sweater skirt, pure and feminine.

Another plaid coat with a small fragrance, the classic design of black, white and gray, and the textured tweed material, wearing a noble and famous lady, highlighting the exquisite taste of urban girls.

This plaid coat is designed with a classic plaid pattern, irregular arrangement to highlight the personality, the neckline and sleeves are solid color panels, it looks more layered, and the waist fit plus the skirt design make it curvaceous.

The large plaid pattern of this coat looks very elegant, and a little green embellishment is added to the black and white to add a little freshness, and the belt design and A-line hem make it look like a vintage celebrity.

The straight-fit plaid coat, which combines the accentuating navy blue with the bright red, is low-key and unassuming, not dull, wearing elegant femininity, with jeans and boots and a little more handsome.

The plaid pattern of this coat is irregular design, which looks more personalized and fashionable, the delicate lapel design highlights the intellectual temperament, the waist style, the skirt design, wear a light and beautiful taste, release the elegant temperament.

The plaid coat that stitches together the black, white and gray colors not only has the intellectual beauty of urban OL style, but also loses the noble style of retro celebrities, with a black fur neck, which is more luxurious and exquisite.

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