Ling’er likes shoes very much, and the shoes at home are stuffed with several shoe cabinets, and friends laugh and call Ling’er a centipede spirit. When playing dreams, Linger is the same, she likes to buy shoes when choosing equipment, and recently Linger has found a lot of good flat-step Qingyun shoes, specially to share with everyone.

Every time she saw her blood bar gradually decreasing during the battle, Ling’er was really very heartbroken! The friends who feel the same as Ling’er can wear these shoes that can quickly restore qi and blood, and their mother will no longer worry about Linger’s lack of qi and blood!

Ling’er has always prepared a few gold creation medicine to restore qi and blood to her teammates, and this pair of shoes saves Linger money for buying gold creation medicine, which is really where it needs to be given, it is really very convenient.

The baby of the Dragon Palace and the Demon King look here, this pair of shoes is ignoring legal defense, are you moved?

Ling’er felt that this pair of shoes with the power of the beast was simply tailor-made for the baby lions and camels! Dear lion camel players, do you want to consider a pair?

This pair of shoes has a condensation stunt, which can reduce the opponent’s speed in battle, and Ling’er thinks that these shoes are very practical!

These shoes are a pair of blue letters! There are special effects that increase the critical strike chance and weak click stunts, no Datang player will not be impressed by it, right?

Do you envy the Great Tang’s sweeping army that can attack the target multiple times? Put on these shoes and you can oh! Would you like to try it?

The Loss Spell has the probability of dispersing all of the opponent’s buff state, which can be said to be a divine skill in the PK field. Facing each other’s Arhat Golden Bell, the babies of the Dragon Palace and the Demon King no longer sighed, dispersed the thought of the curse, and cleared it with one click. Just listening to it makes me feel very tired!

There are thousands of shoes in the world, and only those that suit you are the best. Dreamy babies, how about these shoes? Share it with you in the comments section below.

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