Cropped pants, one of the most popular styles in men’s wardrobes in recent years. Especially in the hot summer, cropped pants are not as casual and informal as shorts, but also more refreshing and tasteful than long pants. What’s more worth mentioning is that cropped pants that just expose the ankles can visually lengthen the proportions of the body, create a feeling of “long legs”, and let some men who are not satisfied with their height regain confidence!

For most men, pieces should be fashionable and practical. As a representative of it, cropped pants are definitely indispensable for men’s dress. Whether it is daily casual or commuting to work, T-shirts, polos, shirts and other tops can be perfectly worn with cropped pants, which is also business style and school style, quickly improving the demeanor and temperament of urban men.

Daily leisure VS commuting to work

From the perspective of color, black is more classic and versatile, navy blue, dark gray is also a good choice, very suitable for working men. Refreshing colors such as white, khaki and sky blue are the first choice in summer, creating a light and free image visually. In terms of style, casual style, denim series are the most common, as well as checks, prints and other patterns of personality models, according to the occasion they attend and the overall matching to choose, will have unexpected effects.

Black cropped pants

On the road, as long as men’s cropped pants appear, then the frequency of black must be the highest, even if the weather is so hot, but the light and breathable material can solve the problem of stuffiness, so boldly choose versatile and classic black cropped pants! In this way, you don’t have to think too much about collocation, it can be combined with almost any color top, and the shoes are selected from loafers, sneakers, board shoes, etc.


Cropped pants

In addition to the color, the choice of fabric is also very important, try to use cotton and linen as much as possible in summer, and the breathability is better. The casual cropped pants are a smart choice for everyday wear, with a comfortable fit, soft and lightweight, whether it’s a loose fit or a relaxed fit, it can be combined to create the look you want. In terms of shoes, loafers, pedals, sneakers, etc., can be used to match.

Denim cropped pants

Jeans have always been a favorite of otaku and straight men, and changing to a cropped style will make the level better. Denim cropped pants are also very versatile, not only can show off the trendy personality attitude, but also easily have long legs, and are best worn with a T-shirt in summer. Of course, this year’s popular ripped denim cropped pants can also be considered, avoid exaggerated designs, and express yourself on hats, watches and other accessories!




In the eyes of men in the workplace, suit cropped pants are simply a weapon to save hot summer clothes. Just the right length allows the cool breeze to bring ice through the trouser tube, and meets the clothing matching at work, and the combination with the shirt is a perfect match, which immediately creates a handsome and professional look. The choice of loafers is the finishing touch, but if you want to look younger, then small white shoes are also the best item to add youthful atmosphere.

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