The careful machine that is called “Banhua” by others~

Roll-on perfume $5

When it is first applied, it will be a little rushed, and after a while, it will become a light fragrance, just like the body fragrance that comes with it, and the students smell the good smell on their bodies.

Shampoo 65 yuan

The shampoo has scrub particles and mint extract, which makes the hair fresh and fluffy after washing, and looks like the top of the skull is much higher.

Milk Plain Cream 113 RMB

Contains milk protein + niacinamide, which can accelerate skin metabolism, play a whitening effect, and modify pores, and apply a thin layer like natural good skin!

Zenchoki Whitening Essence 119 yuan

Niacinamide and ethyl ascorbic acid are added to inhibit the production of melanin, whiten and brighten the skin, and if you insist on using it for a while, you will feel that your skin tone has become whiter, which is how the cold white skin of Banhua comes from.

Vaseline Body Lotion $58

The body lotion that whitens and moisturizes is mainly niacinamide, which can make the skin more transparent while moisturizing, and the upper body is not sticky, and the tender skin of Banhua can also be nurtured.

March light acne print milk 161 yuan

Water milk that mainly controls oil and lightens acne marks. Pure plant-derived toner, sprayed on the face to help control oil and eliminate acne; Body lotion is infused with Centella Asiatica and Mandelic Acid to unclog the oil of pores, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin, thereby lightening new and old acne scars and making skin look cleaner!

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