I remember that there is a saying that chicken soup is like this, tired is right, comfort is reserved for the dead, although it is very inspirational, but everyone still likes to experience comfort when they are alive, after all, there is no life, comfortable they don’t know.

Therefore, the bed has an indescribable magic for everyone, many people like to lie in bed, can’t get up in the morning, give the bed during the holidays, and even the emoji have an unspeakable attraction to the bed. For example……

Speaking of lazy desks, I believe that many people have experienced all kinds of things in college, but you should not have experienced the real sense of “lazy desk”, AdapDesk can really make you “bedridden” from now on! Above!

Just say, is this your dream! There is no need to sit up at all! But if you think, you are willing to sit and play and stand and no one will stop you, after all, there are 5 angles of 0°, 19°, 38°, 57° and 75°.

AdapDesk is even more × that you can put whatever you want, if you are not afraid to spill on the bed, you can put a glass of water, but it is better to bottle it…

This table is also very convenient to take out, because it is not simply foldable, it can be folded almost like origami!

AdapDesk’s size itself is also very suitable, the size is moderate, there are two sizes, respectively 59.69cm× 32.4cm and 79.39cm× 36.20cm, depending on the needs to choose.

AdapDesk has seven colors to choose from, his weight can bear 36kg, I believe no one will use it as a stool to sit, of course, feel free if you feel light enough…

Product name: AdapDesk

Price: $125

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