Can you imagine the feeling of going to school in the cold at minus forty or fifty degrees? Children living in Oymyakon, Siberia, have to go to school alone in such conditions by stepping on thick layers of snow and ice every day.

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For them, no matter how cold the weather is, they can’t stop the pace of schooling, even if their hair and eyebrows are frozen.

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The coldest way to school

One of the coldest places to live permanently

Ayaosha is a student living in the village of Oymyakon. He lives in Oymyakon, one of the coldest permanent settlements in the world, with average temperatures reaching minus 40 degrees in winter and minus 70 degrees Celsius in lows.

In order to prevent air conditioning from entering the house, local houses usually build five floors of doors and windows, and the refrigerators in local residents’ homes are not used to store food, but to melt the frozen food.

Every morning before dawn, Ayaosha’s mother gets up to prepare for the children.

Because it was so cold that the water pipes froze, the ice was transported home from the river, then heated and melted to make hot water and breakfast for the children.

Just as she was carrying the ice cubes into the house, Yaosha began to get dressed.

The family’s life began when my mother melted ice water. When Ah Yaosha was ready to go to school.

The mother would put several layers of thick clothes on him, in addition to thermal clothing, sweaters, at least two thick coats, a down jacket, hat and scarf were also essential.

In addition to resisting the cold wind into the body, the warm and soft scarf can also protect the mouth well.

Finally, Yaosha would put on heavy snow boots, warm gloves and carry his schoolbag towards the school.

Yaosha’s home is relatively close to the school, just a few kilometers away. Therefore, he always walks to school. There is a road close to the school,

But Yaosha, like many boys, is curious about the outside world.

Sometimes, he chooses to take a detour and take a trail. On the way, you will pass a wide lake, which is frozen three or four meters thick due to the perennial snow, and cars and sleds can be unimpeded.

Yaosha, who goes to school alone, does not feel lonely. He stepped on the thick snow and saw that the ground was full of his own footprints, and he felt very happy.

If you are lucky, you can also see small animals playing along the way, and the road to school is full of fun in Ah Yaosha’s eyes. He walked for many years on the road of home and school.

Yaosha arrived at school in less than half an hour,

His dream was to become an architect

to build the warmest house in the world.

However, in school, he occasionally wanders in class, and also whispers in class with his tablemates, and is a naughty child.

His grades in the class were average,

To become a good architect, you need to spend more time on learning.

Sayana is a classmate of Ayosha and his family raises cows.

Every morning, the sensible Sayana would get up early and go to the cowshed to help her mother. Although the temperature of the cowshed is below zero, working inside will make the whole body feel warm.

For girls, labor is the best way to keep warm. She helped her mother finish her work and got ready for school after breakfast.

Since her frost resistance is not so good,

Before Sayana went out, her mother would put on a thick six-layer garment, and bring two hats.

Sayana lives far from the school and takes the school bus every day. As the youngest child in the family, the mother was very worried about the safety of her younger daughter and would let the older child take Sayana to the school bus stop.

A few people walked in the vast white snow, not daring to stop at all

。 Because there is only one school bus, if you miss it, you can only go home and cannot go to school.

The weather was too cold, and after a while, Sayana’s eyelashes and hair turned white with ice.

In the cold weather, the cold wind howled by, and Sayana felt that the air inhaled into her lungs was like a knife, and she was uncomfortable.

Although the road to school is far and cold, the thought of learning new knowledge and chatting with her classmates makes Sayana quicken her pace and rush to school immediately.

Sayana is particularly fond of small animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She excelled in all subjects, and he was always engrossed during class, staring at the blackboard and completing the homework assigned by the teacher on time.

The sensible Sayana never let her parents worry about her studies, and she could get an A in every subject.

School buses are the most important means of transportation for students who live far away, and they can only get to school by school bus.

The school bus driver is also very dedicated, carefully checking the equipment in the car every night before going to bed, getting up early to start the car, and striving to make every student arrive at school on time.

However, there is so much snow on Oymyakon that school buses sometimes get stuck in snow along the way. No matter how hard the driver tries, it is difficult to get out of the pit.

Once, it took the driver more than ten minutes to drive the school bus out of the snow pit. Fortunately, the driver was familiar with the road, and in the end, all the students were safely delivered to school before the bell rang.

After the establishment of the school, Oymiakon encountered a huge problem, that is, no teacher was willing to teach in such a remote and cold place.

To this end,

The principal does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to hire excellent teachers from other places

。 Because of the generous salaries, it attracted a large number of teachers.

Later, in order to ensure the normal development of teaching, the school also signed a cooperation agreement with the normal university.

The area is cold all year round, so the school stipulates that the school will only close if the temperature drops to minus 52 degrees.

For students, braving the wind and snow to go to class is the most normal thing. The happiest thing for a teacher every day is to see all the students in the class arrive at the classroom on time.

Because Oimyakon is so cold, students are likely to be frozen and fainted on the way to school.

Therefore, if the teacher finds that a student has not arrived at school, he will immediately contact the parents and the driver to see if the child is safe.

For local students, going to school is a huge test, after all, at minus 50 degrees, milk can be frozen into ice cream. For teachers, the safety of students always comes first.

The school also stipulates that students cannot wait for the school bus for more than ten minutes, and if they do not wait, they will go straight home.

In Oymyakon, schooling is the only way for local children, and only by obtaining a diploma can they go abroad.

Although many local residents do not want to leave their long-lived hometown, they all hope that their children can leave this cold land and go to the wider world.

Children also want to see a more exciting world, they want to know how beautiful the place beyond the snow and ice really is.

In order for students to study in a good environment, the school heating facilities are fully equipped. As soon as students enter the room, they can take off their heavy coats and learn and play inside.

Various sports facilities have been built on the spare grounds of the school, but it is so cold outside that students hardly play outside.

It is only during the relatively warm summer months that everyone exercises outdoors. The school built the garden indoors, which became a local wonder.

If there is one sentence to describe the road of Oimiakan’s children to school, it is most appropriate: the heavens will descend on the people of Sri Lanka. They must first work hard and hard.

Even in remote areas and the arduous road to schooling, these children did not give up learning, but got up early to carry their school bags, face the wind and snow, and move forward without hesitation.

Their figures walking on the snow are so brave and fearless, which makes people moved.

These children tell us that we must cherish the opportunity to learn, that a good life is hard to come by, and that we should not squander it wantonly.

After reading the story of the coldest road to school in the world, what do you think?

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