There are many brands of range hoods on the market, and the price range is from hundreds to tens of thousands, and there is no way to start when choosing.

Today’s summary of the range hood “8 do not choose”, an article to explain how to avoid the pit of the range hood, so that your kitchen no longer has the trouble of oil smoke.

1. Do not choose more than 5,000

Don’t choose expensive, only buy the right one, the reason why the range hood does not choose more than 5000 is because the main structure of the range hood is the built-in motor + shell.

The so-called difference between cheap and expensive is the difference between these two materials, the better range hood motor is full of material, the speed is high, the shell is explosion-proof steel plate glass, and the cheaper material is thinner.

On the market, in addition to the poor quality of the hundred-yuan machine, 2-5,000 range hoods, the materials are basically passed, and the price is higher, is the difference in function, if it is only used to smoke smoke, within 5,000 is completely enough.

2. Do not choose one with a large screen

Now smart homes are respected to even range hoods, adding high-definition LED screens to range hoods, claiming to be able to chase dramas while cooking.

Imagine, a TV on a range hood, not to mention whether you can stir-fry and brush the drama to take into account the problem, just the picture quality, sound effects, functions, does it have a tablet fragrance?

Moreover, the more highly integrated the product, the higher the failure rate, not to mention the multi-accessory electronic products smoked with oil smoke every day, besides, the budget with the LCD screen rubbed up, and even increased the budget more than the money of a tablet.

This kind of pseudo-concept range hood with high-end intelligence, don’t buy it, buy it for two or three years and it’s too late to regret.

3. Do not choose top suction

This is not an absolute choice of top suction, will explain the advantages and disadvantages of four different models of top suction, side suction, top side double suction, integrated stove, and can be selected according to their own situation.

First of all, the top range hood, the installation position is low to meet, high affects the suction power, and because the oil smoke is adsorbed vertically upward, the path is long, and the oil smoke will pass over the face, that is, smoked into a yellow face.

However, it has a good effect on smoke, such as stir-frying, frying, this fried, irregular oil smoke, or the moving position oil smoke produced by the spoon, it can be adsorbed, can be competent for high-intensity cooking work.

Therefore, the range hoods in the restaurant are all top suction, if you are a master cook, you can also choose top suction.

Besides, the side suction hood, near the water building platform first get the moon, so the side suction hood, it is near the suction side discharge, because it is closer to the oil smoke, the suction power is large, for steaming, boiling, stewing, small stir-frying, these fixed position, regular small oil and smoke, completely no problem.

However, the side inhalation is the adsorption of one side, and the large oil smoke and mobile oil smoke are not smoked, and the sound is loud and the maintenance is complicated.

Therefore, families with light oil smoke and heavy Western food can choose a side range hood.

Of course, if your family’s eating habits, often stir-fried, fried, and do not want to smoke the face, there is another choice, is a figure-7, top side double-suction hood.

It is a combination of top suction and side suction range hood, which not only solves the problem of long top suction range smoke path, but also solves the problem of side suction range smoke escape, but because it is a model that has only been available in the past two years, some brands do not have it, and there is less room for selection.

Some Sumitomo often ask about integrated stoves, and here, it is necessary to talk about integrated stoves.

First of all, the smoke absorption effect, it has a large suction power, the smoke is not as good as the figure-7 range hood, but it is better than the side suction.

However, because the suction outlet is relatively close to the stir-fry area, it will also take away a lot of heat while taking away the oil smoke, so it is not suitable for stir-frying.

Speaking of appearance, its style is more industrial, and the modern and simple style of the kitchen is suitable, and other styles are difficult to match.

Also, other types of smoke machines, grease separation rate is higher than 92%, some with self-cleaning function, but it does not, have to disassemble the machine for cleaning, high cleaning costs, the cabinet next to it must also be dismantled together, too troublesome.

The most important thing is that although it is expensive, it is not high-end, and its functions are not refined, and it is actually cheaper than the stove, hood, and steamer that are bought alone. Moreover, the more highly integrated the product, the higher the failure rate.

4. Do not choose small household appliance brand smoke machines

Do not choose small household appliance brand smoke machine, mainly because small household appliance brands do not do this, and what you see is sold together with small household appliances, which is mainly OEM and basically no after-sales.

5. Do not choose foreign brands

First of all, the range hood is very mature in China, and the imported range hood, plus the tariff, the price is high, and the basic starting from 10,000 yuan.

Then, the imported range hood, it mainly cooperates with the eating habits of foreigners, mainly cooking, the exhaust air volume basically hovers around 15 cubic meters, while the domestic machine considers the stir-fry habits of the Chinese people, the average air volume is more than 18 cubic meters, and 21 cubic meters can be seen everywhere.

6. Do not choose brushed motors

The performance of brushed motor decays quickly, and the suction power will decline seriously with the use time, so choose a DC motor, long life, slow performance attenuation.

7. Do not select the frequency smoke machine

Choose the frequency conversion hood, the frequency conversion hood can automatically adjust the speed according to the size of the oil smoke, so that the speed is maintained at a stable value, and the wind pressure can be actively adjusted according to the pressure change of the public flue to make the smoke exhaust smoother.

Frequency-limited hood, the effect of smoke absorption will decrease with the longer the use time, and the noise is large.

8. Do not choose the air volume less than 20 cubic meters and the wind pressure less than 300Pa.

The air volume is higher than 20 cubic meters, and the wind pressure is higher than 300pa, so that the oil smoke can be sucked clean.

In addition, the separation and collection rate of grease is higher than 90%, with its own cleaning function, the cleaning method should not be thrown oil to clean, and high-pressure water spray + high temperature steam decomposition of oil stains can be washed clean.

Moreover, in order to prevent the oil smoke from pouring, the hood port and the flue port must be equipped with check valves.

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