A temperament of Han Fan, stylish hooded design, long sleeves, sleeves and back woolen panels, lamb wool inside, warm and not bloated! The fit is really amazing

In winter, our cuties should not only keep warm but also wear fashionable. Very warm down cotton jacket, such a high-grade fur collar, fashion mushroom cold must be yo~~

Korean version of winter clothing new thickened cotton jacket, feel is also very good, good warmth, big handsome cotton coat, classic style!

Big real fur collar, so that mushrooms are not cold in winter ha~~ fashion warmth very warm cotton clothes, you deserve to have~~

Tweed fabric oh, thick to the touch, more high-end oh, not a regular wool !!! Black classic looks thin, cool, and personally feels that black is more retro

The color of the clothes is very dark navy blue, with this brown fur, the contrast is very good, the shape of this dress will not be very wide nor very silhouette, more conventional, but the upper body is very thin, basically not picky the kind.

The use of high-grade fabric, pure feeling, not easy to wrinkle, easy to care, three-dimensional feel, crisp appearance, soft and natural color, giving you a charming and healthy comfortable experience ~~

Silhouette wool coat oh, loose version, very structured oh silhouette wool coat oh, loose version, very structured oh ~ ~


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