FAW Toyota’s Prado model is positioned as a medium and large SUV, and its excellent passability and reliability are popular among off-road and SUV enthusiasts.

Although it is not possible to deny men’s love cars, the shape of love cars is different. Someone likes speed. Some people choose sports cars. There are people who like outdoor activities.

The Prado’s front face is aggressive, and the rigid body silhouette explains the wild nature of the large SUV in it. Headlights protruding from the outside reinforce the power. The coarse silver grille also brings a sleek, modern look. In other places, the rear door and taillights have not changed much, and the overall design is simple and generous.

Although the Prado’s seats are not as tough as many off-road vehicles, on the contrary, the comfort of the ride is more focused on comfort. The cushions and backrests are wide and soft, and the strength of the lateral wrap is just right. The front seats of models other than the entry version are electrically adjusted, and the rear seats can adjust not only the angle of the backrest, but also the distance between the front and rear positions. This greatly increases the tolerance of the rear seat to the body.

It is powered by a new domestically produced 2.7-liter engine. It has a maximum power of 120kW (163Ps) and a peak torque of 246Nm. The drive is mated to a 5-stage manual and a 4-stage automatic transmission. In addition, all systems of the new car are equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

The shape is overbearing, and the 2700 kinetic energy configuration is really not excellent for an SUV with a strong off-road primary color. She needs to boost her power when driving off-road. Without transferring, is there motivation to improve?

There are answers. A mechanical booster is added.

How to modify the machine pressurization? Does the supercharging of the machine really have no effect on the engine? Does supercharging change fuel consumption in any way? What should I do about the maintenance of mechanical pressurization and the original car?

The supercharging setting of the craftsman power machinery is very convenient, and the supporting components are adjusted according to the condition of the car before leaving the factory without damaging the engine structure of the original car. The installation time can be completed in about 3 hours. In addition, during the entire installation process, there are no dotted lines, and the behavior of the original car such as the welding ground is not damaged. The supercharger body and other parts are customized.

The craftsman’s divine supercharging was upgraded between 30-40% of the engine. This upgrade range has been tested and adjusted many times to fully match the original design strength of the engine and transmission. In addition, the safety value recognized by the modification industry is set to 0.5 bar.

Mechanical pressurization is very stable. Now there are many high-end cars with large displacements on the market. Regarding fuel consumption, there is pressure to have power, and fuel consumption will rise in the corresponding situation, and in stable driving it will decrease. In addition, after installing the machine pressurization, do not select oil, the oil used for the maintenance of the original car is just like that, gasoline 92 will do.

There are maintenance problems in the later stage. Machine pressurization does not need to be stored separately. There is a separate oil cooling system. 4-60,000 km can be replaced with special pressurized oil. The special extension belt for service life can be replaced by 100,000 kilometers or 60,000 kilometers.

The above are some questions from the vast majority of car owners, what is the effect of the Prado 2700 after installing mechanical pressurization? I tested it with a horsepower machine. The horsepower value was extended from 163 to 230 in the original car. The torque has been increased from 246 Nm to 318 Nm and accelerated at 100 km/h. From 14.83 seconds to 11.68 seconds is 4 seconds. Do you like the Prado 2700 after the power rise? Want to know the exact price of the Smith Centrifugal Mechanical Pressurization Kit? Please leave a message in the message area.

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