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First, the reason

When I was decorating before, I often read the decoration stickers on the Internet, and found that many people installed this toilet spray gun and recommended it.

When I went to Thailand in 2015, I took photos of the interior decoration of each hotel and found that each hotel was equipped with this toilet spray gun, which gave me the feeling that this is quite practical in the tropics.

2. Purchase

Auntie had only one friend who had a related posting order before, and the submarine spray gun was purchased at that time, but looking at his subsequent use experience, it seems that it leaked soon.

Purchasing by Value-Friend:

【Toilet Companion】Submarine, Angle Valve, Triangle Valve, One In, Two Out, 3-Way Angle Valve, F401 Set…

Articles by Friends:

A good thing that went unnoticed with the wrong name: submarine submarine F401 women’s washer set…

Because the value friend reacted to the easy leakage of plastic, the landlord planned to buy all-copper, and after searching on Jingdong, he found that the brand of Guojianglong had all-copper for sale.

The brand of Guojianglong has done very well, but there seems to be little promotion online, but there are many offline agents, and the offline appearance rate is much higher than that of submarines.

The landlord bought this, and their family only has this one.

Crossing the river dragon All copper small nozzle with switch Faucet body cleaner women’s washer Toilet mate holding a single head…

3. Unpacking

The landlord bought it from their Tmall flagship store, because it needed a nozzle and a shower pipe, did not have a corresponding package, so he bought it from Tmall.

Their packaging box is very fun, “brotherhood”, the product is endorsed by Zeng Zhiwei.

Shower tube + spray gun

Let’s look at the airbrush first.

The plating effect is good, sparkling.

The weight is known, the weight is the most real, no matter what material is used, the weight will be known at a glance.

This 266g is still very thick.

The quality of the shower pipes is also good, and they all come with rubber heads.

Installation of the required raw material tape, which is left over from the previous renovation.

This tee was also bought by the previous decoration, and it has not been used, in fact, it is intended to be used by Washlet, but because Washlet has not been installed, it is taken out this time and used first.

With a weight of 288G, this one is also pure copper and of good quality. However, this design is not good, and the switches on both sides are easy to touch the wall.

4. Disassembly

It is still very simple to disassemble, first remove the filter.

The rightmost nozzle below is plastic (also introduced on the official page), and the rest are metal.

Disassemble one by one, the feel is still good.

5. Installation and use

This is what it looked like before installation.

The look of the installation.

Specific use, can be used to flush the toilet.

Show the downward impulse, and you can see in the figure below that the impulse is still very strong.

I think the main role of the toilet spray gun is as follows:

Wash the toilet

Furniture cleaning is mainly used to clean mops, floor mats, etc.

There are many official ranges of use, but the landlord believes that in addition to the above two, the others are basically not used, because the impulse is too large and the shower pipe is too short. As for acting as a women’s washer, this is not okay, because it is high-pressure, and I think it will cripple PP.

6. Summary

The price is expensive, plastic is generally only a dozen yuan, pure copper starts from more than forty, this eighty-eight yuan is a little more expensive, but the quality is very good, do not have to spend time to carefully choose.

The workmanship is good, pure copper, and the electroplating effect is also very good.

The use effect, the momentum is very strong, the owner has used it for more than a month, and he feels that the daily household is still quite good, flush the toilet, wash the mop.

The landlord felt that this spray gun was still more practical to install in the mop pool.

The landlord’s “home good things recommended” series will try to recommend some things that you feel good when you use them, and I hope you will support more.

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