Generally, the baby will climb when he is seven or eight months old, and the mother begins to have a headache to move the baby’s diaper problem… Due to the increase in the baby’s range of movement, the original diaper can no longer meet the demand, and there is often a phenomenon of urine leakage? It is said that pants-type diapers are more suitable for growing babies, so how to choose a suitable pants-type diaper for your baby?

1. Tailoring design

The biggest difference between pants-type diapers and diapers is that it is a 360-degree stretch waistline, so mothers should pay special attention to the elastic design of the waist and the size and width of the leg circumference and elasticity when purchasing. The stretch should be moderate, the cut should be close, not tight and not too loose, like small panties, it will not hinder the baby’s big movements. It is recommended that mothers choose pants-type diapers that are one size larger than the diapers that babies usually wear.

Second, absorption

Considering absorption, mothers can pay attention to the absorption core of pants-type diapers when purchasing. Pants-type diapers with good absorption are a mixture of non-woven fabrics, SPA and fluff pulp, of which SPA is a polymer water-absorbing resin, which can absorb a large amount of urine, and the fluff pulp plays the role of “conveying pipeline” in the absorption core. If the mother is not sure, she can first buy small packages of pants-type diapers for the baby to try on, and observe the dryness of the little butt after wet diapers.

Third, softness

Because the baby’s movements and amplitude begin to increase, if the material of the diaper is not soft and comfortable, it is easy to grind the baby’s delicate skin during the baby’s play. When shopping, mom can feel the touch and softness of the pants-type diapers to be purchased with her hands.

Fourth, breathability

Whether it is diapers or pants-type diapers, I believe that what mothers care most about is whether it will cause the baby to have a red butt. Not to mention that the cause of the baby’s red butt is caused by not changing diapers frequently, just say that the breathability of diapers is good to eliminate stuffy moisture, so mothers can first observe the material and breathable structure of pants-type diapers when purchasing, whether the setting of ventilation holes is reasonable, whether the number is sufficient, and diapers with moderate thickness are also very important.

Of course, you can’t keep good things privately, and I recommend it to mom and dad Unika Moony baby pants type (men’s) diaper box! Unijia Mony’s new pants-type diaper box is coming, double bag combination, double peace of mind! The newly upgraded high-waist design of comfortable belly protection makes stretch more comfortable. The three-dimensional structure of the round butt fits the round butt, and matches the baby’s round bone shape, which is safe and leak-proof and does not tighten. There is also a reassuring double guard to protect your sleeping baby from side leakage. The microfiber on the inside and the concave and convex structure on the outside make the baby’s butt feel soft and dry at all times, comfortable as being in the arms of a mother.

In short, when the baby enters the critical stage of large motor development, it is still recommended that parents choose pants-type diapers, which is also to help the baby transition to small underwear and learn to crawl, learn to walk and even go to kindergarten in the future to lay the foundation

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