Before entering the industry, I always thought that this was a glamorous profession, listening to friends bragging about their projects, imagining that they could contact stars, waving and pointing fingers, the performance was over, and tens of thousands of people in the audience cheered for the performance!

Actually, the stage staff, it’s not what you think!

To do these tens of millions of projects, with a salary of four or five thousand, with the money from selling cabbage, and with the heart of selling white powder. Don’t dare to party, don’t dare to get sick, don’t dare to ask for leave, only you know the pain in your heart.

When people reach middle age, mortgages, car loans, and milk powder money follow, and the wages on hand are only enough to starve to death.

What a balding reality…


, three-volt days, scorching sun 40 °C high temperature insist on outdoor work. Throughout the year, the wind and rain are non-stop, and in winter, the weather is freezing cold, a few degrees below zero, and it continues to be busy.

At night

, and to rush the construction period to continue to build, debug equipment, rehearsal.

Ever seen a city at four in the morning? Stage people: Don’t say four o’clock in the morning, what time is it in the morning!

In the early hours of the morning, the world of stage people is when work is busy!

You may be playing with your phone and ready to sleep. The stage people are still busy on the scene. Desperately chasing the time to program, tune, and calibrate equipment.


, is still in a hurry to work, the family called and said that today is the daughter’s birthday, the daughter is five years old, this is the second time that she has not been with her birthday.

As a stage person, there is no rest, no holidays, and no time to spend with my family.

Four o’clock in the morning

, just finished busy, dragging the tired body back to the hotel, lying on the bed and not wanting to move, there is a problem that cannot be solved on the scene, call, the stage people have to get up and rush to the scene to solve the problem.

The responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai, no matter how hard it is, he must find a way to solve the problem.

Often sleepless at night, often sleep on the spot, as long as it does not affect other people’s work, sleep anywhere! Stools, stage panels, flight boxes, backdrops can sleep, even on the most difficult scaffolding.

However, is the stereo hung up? Is the screen set? Is the signal ready? No, what sleep then! Hurry up and get it!

On the 30th, I packed my bags and prepared to go home, and I quickly made a call at the highway: hurry back, urgent tasks, and then began to work overtime again.

However, the salary may not be as high as the rent of a lamp, and people are not as good as lamps, piercing the heart…

When you first enter the industry, you have to build a shelf, move lights, run wires, hang lights, dirty work, and tired work. Years of hard work, gritting my teeth to slowly grow into a gaffer, sound engineer, designer…

But for this liking, in order to survive in the industry, even if you are physically and mentally exhausted, you still have to grit your teeth and persevere.

Salute! Stage people!

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