Handbags can revitalize your outfit. This spring’s and summer’s major brands launched women’s bags, both replicas of classics or classic facelifts to cater to the retro resurgence, and new designs that are expected to become the next classic new products, easily grasp a variety of styles and occasions.

A tribute to the classics

New elements put the finishing touch

As a popular model within the LV family, the Twist series has always been loved by women. This year’s classic Twist handbag has been renewed, inviting freestyle skiing champion Gu Ailing to appear at the Messner Mountain Museum, interpreting the charm of fashion with a smart look. The classic twisted lock with the classic old flower of the decorative chain, coupled with the popularity of the “frog princess”, easily attracts a wave of attention.

Similarly, LV’s new “traffic king” in early spring is the pea bag. This bag replicates the classic pea bag, combining all the popular elements such as reading flower, underarm bag, multi-chain, multi-back bag and more. The chain and shoulder straps are flexible and detachable and can be worn cross-body over one shoulder, greatly improving practicality.

Chanel’s Flap Bag has always been a classic bag, classic and attractive, and this season’s thickened chain and candy colors have also become the main elements of the finishing touch. Among them, the thick chain has received a lot of discussion in the fashion industry this year, and the classic bag shape and the rough style chain make the retro sense soar, and the sweet cool girls love it.

Gucci’s creative director Alexander Michel created this year’s new Gucci Bamboo 1947 bags, inspired by the 1947 Bamboo bag. At that time, Italy had just experienced the baptism of war, and various raw materials in China were in a state of scarcity, and the founder of the brand boldly innovated and used bamboo as a handle to create this bamboo handbag. Followed by the ancient craftsmanship, from the handle to the closure, it is carefully polished by hand, and the appearance is very recognizable. The classic and timeless shape connects the past and the present, and the bag shape of various sizes meets daily needs, and the dark green, bright orange, elegant black and blue pink color scheme unlocks more inspiration.

A change from the silhouette of the past

The flat triangle is eye-catching

The LADY D-JOY handbag, a new member of the LADY DIOR family in early spring 2022, has changed its square silhouette to an East-West flat and long shape, which fits the neat style of urban women. Designed with dual carry handles and adjustable shoulder straps, it is carried by hand or cross-body with the iconic Cannage rattan check. In addition to the classic black and white colors, the butterfly print embroidery design model has a colorful butterfly print to outline a dreamy style; Raffia is a raffia style with a plain color scheme that is the first choice for vacation outings.

PRADA’s new leather triangle bag for spring and summer, inspired by its own logo, has already caused waves in the fashion circle. The sleek triangle shape perfectly interprets the geometric beauty of the bag, with embossed on the front and metal logo on the back accentuating the brand’s tonality.

Sweet love element

Forever girly heart

The most girly of Chanel’s spring/summer 2022 model is the love bag, pink, purple, plus the classic black and white color scheme, cute and cool at the same time. The pink color of the model’s upper body on the runway, paired with a tweed white suit, is gentle and sweet.

The CELINE New Year capsule collection is also inspired by sweet love, with a triumphal arch pattern of old flowers and brown leather to create a vintage romantic heart-shaped handbag.

The quirky Moschino, spring/summer 2022 bag is themed “Ladies Who Lunch” and inspired by afternoon tea parties with vintage sweethearts. Bags transform into ice cream buckets, feeding bottles, or cartoon kittens, with dreamy and pink colors. Among them, the cat’s loving hand bag is attractive, and the metal kiss lock is decorated on one side, which looks playful and cute. This light-pink poplin is embroidered with beaded sequins to accentuate the kitten’s features.

Text/Reporter Chen Si

Some of the images in this edition are from the brand’s official website

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