Flat shoes are coming, live up to their flat shoes, is the most suitable for themselves.


Soft sheepskin square toe women’s single shoes flat shoes Korean daigou bow scoop shoes shallow mouth ballet heel boat shoes spring tide

¥168.00 Taobao See details

NO.1 Soft sheepskin square toe single shoes

The shoes are comfortable and the soles are soft! Succeed! In the past, I had various problems with buying shoes online, and I was afraid to buy them. The shoes fit the foot and are highly recommended! Extra comfortable and beautiful!


2016 new black control Japanese flat shoes super versatile round toe Yamamoto design simple casual women’s fashion shoes cloth shoes

¥248.00 Taobao See details

NO.2 Round toe Yamamoto design simple single shoes

Very comfortable, showing small feet, fashionable don’t want ah.


16Spring and summer new pointed toe strappy flat women’s single shoes comfortable and versatile fashion women’s shoes 2414101

¥150.00 Taobao See details

NO.3 Pointed toe strappy flat single shoes

Various colors are available; thin strap trim; Pointed; ankle straps; Heel height 1.1 cm. There are pictures of them, and they are very good-looking.


Europe Station 2016 New Spring and Autumn Studs Pointed Toe Shallow Willow Flat Heel Single Shoes Women’s Shoes Scoop Shoes Tide Summer

¥299.00 Taobao See details

NO.4 Rivet pointed toe shallow willow flat heeled shoes

Wear more comfortable and do not hit the feet, there are buyers to post pictures, too showy. It looks good.


Korean version casual pink small white shoes women’s lace-up preppy style single shoes women’s flat loafers sports round toe board shoe trend

¥599.00 Taobao See details

NO.5 lace-up preppy style single shoes

Many buyers show, the shoe shape and color are very good, whether the foot is worn or not varies from person to person, and the band-aid is always safe.


TOMO sequin bow round toe trend flat beanie shoes driving shoes maternity shoes single shoes free shipping

¥385.00 Taobao See details

NO.6 Sequin bow round toe flat beanie shoes

It’s very beautiful…


2016 Spring and Autumn Flat Women’s Shoes Hollow Pointed Toe Flat Shoes Black suede casual flat single shoe woman

¥199.00 Taobao See details

NO.7 Black suede casual flat single shoes

It’s beautiful! The upper foot is beautiful, really thin, and lengthens the visual effect


2016 Spring and Autumn Korean Edition Sweet Princess Little Fresh Pointed Toe Stud Ankle Buckle Strap Leather Flat Heel Women’s Single Shoes

¥338.00 Taobao View details

NO.8 Pointed toe stud footring buckle strap leather flat heel single shoes

Although it is a short heel, it is also very long legs, and it is versatile in all kinds of things, and it is suitable with skirts and pants.


New patent leather bow shallow Mary Jane shoes women’s flat heel hollow sandals square toe flat buckle strap flat single shoes

¥528.00 Taobao See details

NO.9 Patent leather bow shallow Mary Jane shoes

It is very white and versatile, and the quality is very good. The leather is very soft and comfortable to shop, and it is not beautiful


2016 Spring Korean SoleFree flat women’s shoes, dancing shoes, driving shoes, maternity folding shoes, Korean version egg roll shoes

¥336.00 Taobao View details

NO.10 Korean SoleFree flat women’s shoes

4 colors, no odor. The material is very soft, the heel elasticity does not grind the foot, the anti-slip effect of the sole is not bad, and the leather is very soft.


A pick-up custom 2016 spring/summer new European and American openwork single shoes shallow flat pointed toe back empty sandals

¥258.00 Taobao See details

NO.11 openwork shallow flat pointed toe rear empty sandals

There is also white, pointed toe, and it is easy to wear.


FYWOO British style summer buckle mid-mouth round toe black and white 2-color light single shoes, flat shoes, low heels, children’s shoes

¥179.00 Taobao See details

NO.12 buckle medium round toe black and white 2-color light single shoes

There are buyers who post pictures, so that they can dress well and be handsome.


Lane 16 Spring 2016 new bow leather flats block heel small square toe single shoes

¥269.00 Taobao See details

NO.13 Bow leather flats

What better shoes than this? The details and workmanship feel the same as the original Yidime, and the inside is very comfortable with leather, and I can’t bear to wear it. It looks good, the inside of the shoes is quite soft. But it’s just a fat foot girl who shoots carefully.


Japanese leather round toe shallow doll shoes Japanese cute pastoral small fresh Sensen female retro parent-child flat single shoes

¥245.00 Taobao See details

NO.14 Leather round toe shallow doll shoes

There are many color fried chicken, and there is a buyer show. Super beautiful, very soft, very comfortable to wear


Dujabane pointed toe single shoe invisible inner heightened flat shoes women’s genuine leather shallow patent leather multi-color 21527

¥959.00 Taobao See details

NO.15 Invisible inner heightened flat shoes

Exceptionally beautiful! It’s easy to wear too! Soft and awesome. There are buyers posting pictures. Lots of colors. The leather is soft, does not grind the feet, and is said to be on the larger side.


2016 Spring Korean Princess Bling Brilliant Shining Big Rhinestone Pointed Toe Flat Single Shoes Women’s Shoes Silver Wedding Shoes

¥216.00 Taobao See details

NO.16Bling shiny large rhinestone pointed toe flat single shoe

There are buyer shows, sparkling. The quality is very good, cheaper than the physical store, and it may grind your feet.


Spring new ethnic style handmade rose single shoes original literary and artistic sen women’s shoes shallow leather flat casual shoes

¥899.00 Taobao See details

NO.17 Handmade rose single shoes

There are pictures, the real thing is a little darker, but it is very beautiful. The bottom is not soft or hard, not slippery, the leather is soft, and the design of the elastic band is very heel. The design of the flowers makes the shoes look delicate and small.


Big brand badge print loafers flat graffiti one foot lazy muffin rivet canvas shoes women’s CL-2016

¥499.00 Taobao See details

NO.18 Badge print loafers

Beauty and fashion can also prevent wolves ~~


Monkey Home Spring 2016 New Women’s Shoes Brown Light Flat Loafers Pearl Scrub Boat Shoes

¥129.90 Taobao View details

NO.19 Shallow flats pearl frosted loafers

It looks so comfortable ~~


Spring 2016 upgraded version openwork simple square buckle satin flat sole shoes fashion wedding shoes bridal shoes

¥398.00 Taobao See details

NO.20 upgraded openwork simple square buckle satin flat shallow single shoes

Choose from many colors, beautiful and beautiful. It is a satin fabric, and the bottom is non-slip, which may be a bit of a foot grinding situation.


Weekend snack perks are here…


Hunan specialty Jinzi small fish 20 bags spicy small fish spicy small fish dried hairy fish New Year snacks

¥19.00 Taobao See details

Hunan specialty Jinzi spicy dried fish 20 bags, good, like, no longer worry about the company’s meals are difficult to swallow, haha, with it can be full! Much cheaper than a supermarket.

There is a 3 yuan coupon at the bottom that can be obtained and then bought ~~ la la la.

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