Hello sisters, recently engaged in autumn and winter clothes every day, but ignored

The most essential boots for autumn and winter!


The boots are autumn-winter

Versatile matching artifacts

, casually wear a cotton suit + shark pants + straight boots, it will be warm and thin.

And boots are more suitable for autumn and winter clothes than cloth shoes and sneakers, which are both warm and warm

Shape the legs

, buy a style with a heel can also quietly show high.

However, there are many popular boots this year, except for Martin boots, which are very popular every year,

The wind of knight boots and cowboy boots also blew strongly.

It’s that there are more choices of boots,

A girl with thick legs and short stature

It’s easy to step on a thunder.

Like a micro-fat blogger

@Q a T she used to love wearing Martin boots,

But in fact, high boots will cover the flesh more and suit her!

In order to prevent the sisters from stepping on the thunder, I will summarize today

Jimei with thick legs, short legs, and not straight legs

, what boots are the most suitable!!

How to choose boots with thick legs

There are some sisters with fat calves who are

The ankles are relatively fat, and the calves are like Cai Wenji.

Boots with this leg shape often don’t fit the size, so it’s recommended that you get one

Chelsea booties

, can groom the fat ankles of your flesh.


Martin boots

It is also a good choice, easy to match and high.

In addition to fat ankles, there is also a kind of muscle legs, calves bulging the most feared:

Chelsea booties, Martin boots

, wearing it is equivalent to a direct public execution of leg meat;

Knight Boots will

It is more suitable for you, and it is more hidden in the flesh.

But not all knight boots will fit;

The strappy knight’s boots will strangle the flesh into a lump,

Straight knight boots

It’s more friendly to thick calves,

If there is a gap in the middle, it will make it look thinner

Choose tall cowboy boots,

The V-mouth design not only contrasts the thin thighs, but also makes the boots very good;

Get a leather jacket and jacket to easily become a playful motorcycle girl in seconds.

You have to choose a good model


Creamy off-white, white and other light colors are visually swollen,

Black, brown

It is a hundred years of thinness.

How to choose if the legs are not straight

In addition to the flesh of the legs, there is another group of people who is difficult to buy boots: the legs are not straight; Autumn and winter boots didn’t buy right,

The shortcomings will be revealed

For example, just now in the leg thick is YYDS’s knee-length boots,

It is completely difficult to wear it for people whose legs are not straight.

Booties don’t have any finishing effect, only

Choose over-the-knee boots above the knee to confuse the public.

And you can’t choose a toe tip or a thin heel, which is easy to show maturity,

I recommend getting a round head or a square head, the fishing system is full of beauty.

Over-the-knee boots are more feminine than other boots, match

White turtleneck sweater

, manufacturing the lower body missing, soft and sticky is very suitable for sweet girls to wear in winter.

How to choose boots for short people

Small girl

When buying boots, it is important to pick the right fit, such as the same pair of knight boots, the fit is not suitable, and it is miserable to wear it.

Small people generally have small skeletons, so the boots on the market, you are easy to be too wide, buy home and wear it super high, much like stealing adult shoes.

Especially western cowboy boots, this kind

You don’t have to think about it if the tube is loose


Before buying boots, I suggest you measure your leg circumference and choose

Boots with a leg 1-2cm away from the leg are more suitable

small children;

Or buy it directly

Lace boots

You can adjust the barrel circumference by yourself, showing height and easy control.

Small people should also pay attention to wearing long boots, and skirts should be short, guaranteed

A large thigh is exposed to appear proportional

, it would be strange to show only a small scale.

Northern Sisters can add more

Coats and bare-legged artifacts

, Royal Sister Fan is full and can keep warm.

Of course, if you don’t want to wear a miniskirt, you can also choose it

Smoke-barrel boots

, the muffin base is increased, as long as the tube circumference is suitable enough, it is also very suitable for small children.

Well, today’s legs are thick, short, and not straight

Boot Raiders

That’s it!

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