Calculate it, acne has been growing for nearly three years, this face is sad to death, three years of anti-acne career, today finally has improved, used military offerings, skin springs, perfect aloe vera gel, Dr. Li, Man Shou Layton, MG mask, Chinese medicine mask, etc., during this period can be regarded as experiencing all kinds of acne troubles. Today is finally over, I would like to share some thoughts with you.

Product 1 Junxian Skin Cream

When I was an undergraduate, I used it well, I used the cheap yellow one, and after grad school, I began to have large acne, and I bought this blue mile texture, I thought it would be better than that cheap one, but I was disappointed, and there was no improvement after using a little, basically no effect.

A good face was disgusted by acne, at that time panicked, the military sacrifice could not be used, began to consult all kinds of ah, online every day to visit the forum, today so understanding of skin care products is also the credit of that time.

Product 2 La Roche-Posay Double Conditioning Lotion

Later, the face got worse and worse, looking at the hot evaluation on the Internet The acne removal effect is good, so I went to wash this double conditioning milk, I usually apply directly on acne, a little irritation, but the acne gets better quickly. Basically, the acne will be held the next day, but it seems that it cannot inhibit the regeneration of acne, and the acne on the face will rise again in just a few days, and it feels like it is constantly following. But it’s still very good, now acne rarely comes out or every day on small acne, anti-inflammatory is fast, a tube of 40ml used for more than a year and a half. I haven’t used it up yet, and of course I also paired it with scar removal products.

Product 3 La Roche-Posay scar removal

I usually use this scar removal during the day, a little greasy, I use lavender essential oil at night, and I will say the order in which my products are used later. Basically, I think there is still an effect, stick to it for a while, and find that the acne scars on my face are not so red, my acne scars are red, not pits, so that it is insisted on repairing by time, and if you use this scar milk, it is faster to repair. It feels good, it has been used for more than a year, and it is used with that double repair. It is quite mild, it is recommended that people with acne can buy a can to try, it is very durable. It can be used for a long time, even if it is a psychological comfort.

Product 4 Perfect aloe vera gel

This is what I bought this year, the weather is dry in the north, and it has grown a lot in winter, and I came back to listen to my cousin’s recommendation to buy this perfect aloe vera gel, which feels very moisturizing and cool on the face, and not greasy, anyway, it is strange and comfortable, so apply this aloe vera gel after using the lotion every morning and evening, even if there is no acne function, it is quite moisturizing, my feeling is not much acne, but it can prevent acne, because this year my face is much better than the previous two years, acne is not so frequent. And the main thing is cheap, and can repel mosquitoes, mosquito bites to apply perfect aloe vera gel is also easy to use, it seems to have a sunscreen function, anyway, it is very good, it is not distressing to use, is it cheap.

I used all of them is probably these several, personally feel that aloe vera gel is not as magical as imagined, netizens and friends around me have told me that aloe vera gel is very useful, but I used it myself has no effect, at most a moisturizing effect.

After buying a mask specially matched according to each person’s skin condition in the Chinese medicine hall, the effect is good, after the application there is no such tingling feeling, it is also very moist, it is very easy to use acne marks, if you get rid of acne, you have to drink it with that Chinese medicine tea bag, the acne on my face has disappeared a little at that time, so I didn’t drink it, only applied a mask. This price is not very expensive, because those big brands of medical masks on the Internet are also about this price, acceptable.

Friends with acne must have self-control, don’t feel that staying up one or two nights is nothing, it doesn’t matter if you eat a little spicy, in fact, these are all assisting for acne, so don’t indulge yourself anymore.

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