10,000 people collect FANCL× Ninagawa Palace flower limited, the strength is easy to use, and the small fresh cherry blossom vase is more sultry!

Recently, various restrictions have also come in line. New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and yes, cherry blossom limited. I also shared a wave with you before, and today I talk about FANCL, and I also love the limited lord.

Last year, I co-branded the limited cleansing oil with Mika Ninagawa but it set off a small sensation. As the 20th anniversary of the birth of FANCL Cleansing Oil, from the outer carton to the bottle, it is a colorful flower design, which is simply not too beautiful.

As soon as it was released, it made many friends cheer to start the collection, and they went for their appearance, but their strength was still so strong.

You know, FANCL nano cleansing oil, but known as “the most natural, thorough, most convenient, the most professional” cleansing oil, using high-purity beauty essential oils and nanotechnology, using the principle of “oil-soluble oil”, easy to remove makeup dirt, horn plug blackheads.


Its ingredients are also simple and there is no mess added.

From the point of view of ingredients, in addition to cleansing and removing makeup, some moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients are also added.

Whiteseed oil removes makeup while also anti-oxidizing and yellowing. Compared with ordinary makeup remover products, FANCL cleansing oil has a more protective effect on the skin.

And there is no mineral oil and other additions, so there is no need to worry about clogging pores and causing acne or acne.

Although it is an oil, it is very refreshing and the ability to remove makeup is super.

No special fragrance. It is very gentle, has almost no eye irritation, is not easy to dry or redden, and is quite friendly to sensitive skin.

The make-up remover is really not covered. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara, non-decoloring lipstick, base makeup… FANCL cleansing oil can be easily mixed, dissolved and floated without rubbing, and finally it will be clean with water, easy to get it in 15 seconds!

In addition to makeup remover, the most touching thing is its exfoliating plug.

Pores are the enemy of good skin. Acidification of horn embolism in pores is an important cause of skin aging.

FANCL cleansing oil has a good dissolving effect on the horn plugs in the pores, whether it is a stubborn horn plug, residual horn plug, hidden corner plug, it can dissolve well and thoroughly clean the pores.

In addition, FANCL’s exclusive moisturizing formula keeps NMF-PCA, a moisturizing barrier ingredient inside the stratum corneum, unchanged, making small fine lines caused by dryness less noticeable.

Not only cleansing oil, but also FANCL’s cleansing powder is also an ace product.

Cleansing powder has been introduced since the early days of FANCL and has a history of more than 30 years. After continuous upgrading and evolution, the sense of use and efficacy are getting better and better.

No, FANCL cooperated again × Miyaka Ninagawa to launch a cherry blossom vase version of FANCL cleansing powder, which is very small and fresh!

Official website price: 50g, 1,296 yen (tax included)

Release date: January 17

The outer packaging is a fresh full blooming cherry blossom pattern. And the pink bottle, there are also cherry blossoms and falling petals, with the light blue bottle cap, it instantly makes people feel that warm spring has arrived. The bottle also has the exclusive logo of Mika Ninagawa on the body.

(1) Super moisturizing power, not dry at all after washing.

FANCL’s unique “amino acid cleansing ingredients” cleanse the skin while retaining moisture, making the skin hydrated and silky.

FANCL cleansing powder, with rich moisturizing ingredients, while washing the face, the moisture in the skin into “PCA” will not be lost, can completely retain moisture from the inside of the skin, and improve the moisturizing power of the skin.

The more PCA inside the skin, the more moisture is more easily soaked, and it also makes the subsequent skin care products better penetrate, not only on the surface of the skin, but also deep into the stratum corneum.

(2) Smooth and cleansing ingredients, fine bubble elasticity, wash away pores and dirt.

Without the use of SLS or SLES chemical foaming agents, only air and water are mixed to create a rich and fine foam.

FANCL cleansing powder, the foam beaten, the foam “film” is relatively thick, not easy to break, so it can maintain its elasticity, will not burden the skin.

Combined with smoothing cleansing ingredients, it penetrates into every fine pore and skin texture, effectively exfoliates aging and excess oil, and prevents blackheads from forming.

(3) The powder is really very delicate and the bubbles are very fast.

The bubbles made with the foaming mesh are very dense, and the paste on the face seems to feel the feeling of bubbles one by one, so stay for a while and use it as a cleansing mask.

The bubbles are also well rinsed. If you do not wipe the skin care products immediately after washing, you will not feel tight at all, and hin is comfortable. Really friendly for sensitive skin.

In addition to cherry blossom vases, there are also limited foaming nets.

The button of the bubble net has turned into a pink heart-shaped ring, full of girly hearts! Buy a limited cleansing powder now and get one for free, three colors, limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some people say that cleansing powder, foaming net and so on are too troublesome, but its sense of use and effect is really good, sensitive skin said that they will really love each other until they are old.

However, it should be noted that FANCL as an additive-free brand, without any preservatives, the expiration date is relatively short, and the friends should use it as soon as possible after opening!

‖ pay attention to the public number [Tao Osaka] to grasp the first-hand information of Japan!








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