Another cold wave is coming, ready for this winter? To be both awe-inspiring and warm, look here, Sister Kaneko has prepared a lot of winter items for everyone.

Elegant and dignified berry colors are an essential fashion item this winter, and the exquisite embroidery process enhances the layering of the garment to highlight the high-end quality, and inadvertently, captures your heart with its calm and elegant gesture.

The calm and gentle sauce purple is a representative of nobility, the exquisite lotus embroidery enhances the overall aura of the clothing, the delicate butterfly buckle is the inheritance of ingenuity, and the black mink velvet edge adds warmth to the overall clothing, and every detail shows the unique elegance of Dui.

The dazzling red color with an indomitable momentum, in this winter, like the king of the royal conquest, both warm and noble, people can’t help but indulge. Embroidery with the same color gradient enhances the overall sense of the garment, and is one of the most versatile pieces this winter.

Gold buttons, focusing on cheongsam and Chinese style custom photos. If you like the baby, remember to like, follow, forward and collect Oh, want to know more information, leave a message below, the editor will update different styles every day according to everyone’s needs.

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