I told the story of the black leatherette bag I picked again. Continued from the previous issue of serial four, this story has been serialized for five issues so far, not finished to be continued, please continue to pay attention, thank you.

Six, the tea shop owner and his stone

The little girl’s face turned yellow with fright, and asked: Did you not hurt anywhere else? You don’t need to call 120. I also quickly squatted down and touched his waist. As soon as his hand touched his clothes, he cried out in pain again: Oh. You can’t tap your hand. He said, don’t move, let me slow down.

The little girl got up and went to pour a cup of hot water. At this time, the door of the store creaked, and a person came in. The little girl hurriedly stepped forward and said, “President Hou, you are back.” These are the two gentlemen who delivered the stones. She turned around again and introduced, this is our president-in-wait.

I couldn’t care about Mr. Liu on the ground, and hurriedly got up to say hello: Hello Mr. Hou, I’m causing you trouble.

The man touched my hands with a perfunctory expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The little girl stepped forward and said, “This gentleman twisted his waist when he put the stone just now.”

The black-faced man with a beard did not stop, but whispered to the little girl, you go to the kettle to boil water, and then find a clean big tea cup. Saying that, he pushed open the door in the middle and went in.

The little girl hurriedly went to boil water, and then went to find a clean tea bowl and put it on the tea table. I crouched down and tried to lift Mr. Liu up. Mr. Liu was still breathless in pain.

The door of the inner room creaked open, and a black face and beard came out from the inside. He gently took off the big rosary around his neck, the small rosary, and the bracelet on his wrist and put it on the table, and then got up and turned on the faucet to wash his hands, and when he sat down steadily, the little girl’s water had boiled. The black man put a black stone the size of a steamed bun into the big tea bowl, took the kettle from the little girl’s hand and poured it directly on the black stone. He said: Wu Lan, you can find a clean dry towel. The little girl called Wu Lan handed over the dry towel that had been prepared in her hand, and the black-faced man directly fished out the soaked black stone with his hand and wrapped it in a dry towel, moved to squat down and asked Mr. Liu where it hurt. Mr. Liu wiped the beads of sweat on his head with his hand

Say: Here, here. The black man handed over the stone wrapped in a dry towel with a beard, and said: Where it hurts, apply it there first.

Seeing that Mr. Liu had put the stone on it, the black-faced man with a beard called Mr. Hou by the little girl Wu Lan got up and sat down in front of the tea table, and ordered the little girl Wu Lan to make a pot of tea. Wu Lan went to wash the pot and wash the pot, Hou always took out a cigarette for me, lit it for himself again, took a deep breath, his eyes looked directly at me, the beard on his face was dark and long, and he couldn’t see any expression, he asked: Two friends with noble surnames, get rich there. I twisted my butt and sat down, saying, “My name is Shanlan, and I work in the City Federation of Literature and Literature.” I pointed to Mr. Liu and said: The surname Liu on the ground works in the “Yanyun Collector Newspaper”, his surname is Liu, and his pen name is Lei Xiaodan.

Hehe, Lei Xiaodan. Thunderous. That black-faced beard laughed for the first time, you are Deputy Editor Liu of the Weiyanyun Collectors Newspaper. Saying that, he got up and bowed his hand to Liu Zong on the ground, saying: Disrespect, in our Yanyun City, who does not know Liu Quanshu in the collecting world, Uncle Liu.

Mr. Liu on the ground stopped moaning at this time, and his breath was calm. Nodding at the black-faced man.

The black-faced man woke up like a dream at this time and asked: What are the two expensive to do in the small shop today? Send stones, what stones to send. Wu Lan, look at you, you kid is not sensible, a stone, move away, what to send. I just said a joke when I went out in the morning, and this silly girl took it seriously.

Hearing him say this, Wu Lan pouted imperceptibly and went outside the store. I had to laugh and say: It’s me who is bad and has caused you trouble.

President Hou took a sip of tea and said with a smile: It seems that the two are also stone collectors. However, your eyes are really poisonous, and they are the treasure of my store. I don’t want to tell you, this stone has a lot to offer. That was my old man’s hard work to carry back from the mountains.

I looked at President Hou who was dancing with his eyebrows: I heard Wu Lan say, you picked it from the Tang River in Baoding?

Mr. Hou said, I picked this pool of stones from the Tang River in Baoding, but the one you took away is not. Wu Lan, she didn’t know. Mr. Hou said, this stone was originally placed in the middle, and a few days ago I wanted to order a mahogany base for it, no, Wu Lan didn’t know, so I let you take it away. You see the two of us talked. He said and extinguished the cigarette in his hand and asked Mr. Liu on the ground: How is it, man, is it better?

The story is written here, you may not believe it,

Chief Editor Liu, who was still in pain just now, sat on the ground and twisted his waist, but stood up as soon as his waist straightened. Say, okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s amazing, the kung fu of smoking a cigarette.

I didn’t believe it either, I suspected that Liu always pretended, but I saw that his painful sweat beads were falling, and I had to believe it.

President Hou greeted Mr. Liu and said, “Quickly sit down and have a cup of tea, and he smiled proudly: It’s magical.” This is called a hot compress of stones, and the needle is a bad stone. The needle used by the divine doctor Bian Que to treat people was polished with this stone.

Mr. Liu had already come to the scene at this time, taking a sip of tea: Ah, this is the stone? I have heard of it, but I have never seen it, the so-called Fushi stone, to cure people’s diseases, that is, this kind of stone.

Mr. Hou smiled and said: What we call in Chinese medicine is not a kind of stone, in Chinese medicine, all stones that can be used to cure diseases are called stones. There is a sentence in Ouyang Xun’s “Jiuchenggong Liquan Ming”, called: “Needles and stones are added repeatedly, and the stomach is still stagnant.” The needle here refers to the needle polished from the stone, and the stone here refers to the stone that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Mr. Liu is worthy of being called the British Encyclopedia Britannica, seeing that Mr. Hou said so, he immediately came to the spirit, took a sip of tea, and slowly said: What Mr. Hou said makes sense, but according to my understanding, the stone should be formed after the meteorite hit the southwest region of Lu 65 million years ago, that is, the southwest of today’s Shandong Province, the surface rock layer exploded, and in the high temperature and high pressure plasma environment, the meteorite and the surface rock were blended and infiltrated and formed. It is also called surface pumice stone, that is, Sabin pumice stone. There is still a mountain in the local area called Luo Jinya.

Mr. Hou nodded frequently and said, “I agree with your statement.” But the stone I used to warm you today, can’t it be considered a real stone? The reason why I call it so broadly is that I don’t want to give the two of you a boastful and mysterious impression, because ordinary people have only heard of it, have not seen it, or have not seen it and do not believe it, today we are meeting for the first time, I don’t want you to misunderstand.

My curiosity instantly peaked, put down the teacup, and asked: Oh, what kind of stone is it.

After all, Mr. Liu was well-informed and asked: Is it a meteorite?

Mr. Hou said that it doesn’t matter what kind of stone it is, it can cure your back pain. Come and drink tea.

Mr. Liu took a sip of tea, picked up the black stone on the table, and in turn, was looking over seriously. Mr. Hou handed him a magnifying glass and pointed at the stone, while saying: Mr. Liu, you are an expert, you look at the metal flash point on this top, this gas print, this molten trench, this impact mark, you will know what kind of stone it is

, but I only call it a stone to outsiders.

Mr. Liu, known as Uncle Liu’s Lei Xiaodan, slowly said a sentence at this time, but this sentence did not want to stun President Hou, who was full of beards.

Mr. Liu put the stone and the magnifying glass on the table, crossed his hands and pressed his abdomen, tilted his head, leaned on the high quilt chair, and said: I also have such a stone, similar to yours. I picked it up on the street twenty years ago.

After Mr. Liu’s words, Mr. Hou, who was sitting next to him, was electrocuted at the moment, stood up from the chair at once, bent down and took Mr. Liu’s hand and asked urgently: What, what, twenty years ago, was there still an artificial leather black bag?

Mr. Liu was shocked by Lao Hou’s actions, and said: Yes, it is wrapped in a black artificial leather, how, how do you know this story?

Stories, what stories? Mr. Hou looked confused.

Looking at Mr. Hou’s misty face, I retold the story of the black bag I had said in the previous chapter for Mr. Liu. (To be continued)

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