Talk about the renovation and share the experience and knowledge of the renovation. Hello everyone, I am talking about decoration, follow me to learn more about decoration!

House renovation is known

“Light decoration, heavy decoration”

, curtains are one of the representatives of decoration.

As a curtain, 90% of people do not know how deep the water is, and when purchasing materials and matching, they are often fooled by merchants, and in the end, they often spend a high price, but do not get the desired effect.

In this issue, talk about decoration to share the knowledge of curtains from the purchase, so that it can spend 2,000 yuan on Taobao, but can hang out the effect of 2W, all are curtains to buy pure dry goods, it is recommended to collect!

About curtain materials

When buying curtains, the selection should focus on the fabric material, drape and shading and heat insulation.

Everyone is doing it correctly in this regard, but I don’t know the fabric material of the curtain, so let’s first understand the mainstream material of the current curtain, so that we can better avoid the pit and have more confidence in provoking.

1. Polyester

Polyester can be said to be the most common fabric in curtains, with a good luster, waterproof and sunscreen, and a bit similar to imitation silk. Curtains made of this material, in daily life to clean the curtains do not have to worry about deformation and shrinkage, durability is very high.

In the industry, it is called “natural curtain material”,

Most importantly, the price is affordable.

2. Flax

Japanese style, Zen style favorite curtain fabric, because linen is a pure natural fiber, with good sweat absorption and breathability, natural texture, giving people a natural and casual feeling, unique and pure. At present, linen can be said to be a more popular curtain fabric, although the price will be slightly more expensive, but it can not stop people’s favorite footsteps.

3. Velvet

One of the most popular fabrics on the market, flannel fabric is a cotton fabric with a rich and fluffy surface after being brushed, which is delicate, smooth to the touch and has a strong sense of drape, which many bedrooms will like.

4. Cotton and linen

Cotton curtain is a natural material, it is made of natural cotton spun.

Cotton and linen made of curtains, environmentally friendly and natural,

It also has excellent physical properties such as sun protection and anti-aging,

It is also possible to adjust the temperature and humidity in the room.

With the rise of Morandi color,

Cotton and linen blend curtains are more favored and are highly recommended

5. Silk

Silk curtains, no matter how fluid the fashion of the decoration is, never neglects it.

Silk curtains have good luster, light texture, and moisture absorption is also particularly good, used as curtains, enhance the style of the room, romantic and elegant, the price is more expensive. One stroke for villas, large flat floors to use, so to speak

A material that only local tycoons and noblewomen dare to use

6. Yarn

The fibers used in the gauze curtain are longer and thicker than those of ordinary curtains, so they should be taken out separately. The material of the gauze curtain is light and flowing, translucent, and is generally used with curtains, which can be said to belong

“Versatile model”, due to its “light transmission and impermeability” characteristics

, can not only light but also protect privacy, but also in summer can also prevent mosquitoes and insects.

How to choose curtains

Knowing the curtain material, the next is very important how to choose, especially for those who want to buy curtains online, remember these points, your curtains will definitely not overturn!

1. Color

Whether you choose living room curtains or bedroom curtains, you must choose according to the decoration style, so you can’t go wrong.

Morandi gray, suitable for living room and bedroom, once used, it will have soft and elegant, the space is appropriately gray, the temperament is good, neutral and easy to match, and not easy to make mistakes.

Warm off-white, suitable for living rooms and study rooms, suitable for environments with wood color or white, gray as the main tone, with window screens more clean and elegant.

Dirty powder, suitable for living room, bedroom, children’s room, with soft and elegant taste, can be matched with gray, coffee, beige furniture or background, the whole can present a different beauty.

Light warm coffee, suitable for the whole house, is also a curtain


, high degree of selection, strong inclusiveness, add furniture do not worry about not matching.

Mint blue, suitable for: living room, bedroom, study, will present a refreshing color matching, loved by many people.

2. Shading rate

For curtain shading, everyone’s requirements are different, because everyone’s requirements for light when sleeping are also different.

If you are not sensitive to light and sleep is not easily disturbed, you can choose 80% shading rate curtains.

On the contrary, if you are sensitive to light, sleep is easily disturbed, if you want 100% shading, choose a layer of interlining, the higher the color of the curtain, the lower the color of the shading.

3. Folds



In terms of words, there are many kinds of can be said, the right choice can achieve savings, the wrong choice is the merchant is pitting you.

A fold can be done with 2x Korean pleats, and if you have a higher budget, 2.5x will look better.

Note that if the merchant calculates the price by 3 times, then it is pit you and bully you don’t understand!

There must also be a high-temperature shaped curtain, generally 2.2 times folds are easier to close, if you are sensitive to light, you can tell the merchant to bring a cross car when choosing a track.


For the high-temperature setting curtain, in fact, it is to increase the sense of drape, after setting, it can always maintain the shaping effect, avoid the phenomenon of wrinkles, and do not need to iron after washing. But for high-end products, they will not be set, because as long as they are set, the curtains will be too creased and rigid, and there is no sense of nature.

4. Fabric

For fabrics, you get what you pay for, and the texture, touch, and durability of the fabric are different.

I would recommend here

Polyester, polyester blend, cotton and linen blend, chenille

To you guys, because of it

It has a good natural drape feel, has a cashmere texture, and is cost-effective. At the same time, it can also achieve 80%~85% shading, which has been favored by consumers and gradually become the mainstream of the curtain consumer market.

How to make online shopping curtains more colorful

Now the curtains can be customized online, as long as you send the renderings of the decoration and the real photos after the hard installation to the business, the merchant will take the initiative to help you match and recommend the most suitable color for the new home.

But if you want to spend 2,000 yuan to buy curtains online, you can achieve the effect of 2W yuan, in addition to the merchant to help color matching, you must also do the following key points:

The first is to make curtain boxes when decorating:

Because after the curtain box is made during the decoration, the expensive Roman rod is not used in the later stage, and there is no need to worry about the shading effect. At the same time, it also saves money

Punching the fabric costs 5-10 yuan more per meter, which can also facilitate the cleaning of the curtains in the later stage.

The second is to choose affordable fabrics:

There are many fabrics that are expensive in physical stores, but they are much cheaper in online stores. about

For ordinary families,

Polyester, polyester blend, cotton and linen blend, chenille fabric, these kinds of fabrics are the most suitable, the most cost-effective and effective.

The third is to spend money on accessories:

Many people like the accessories of the curtains, and think that the curtains will look better with accessories, but I want to say here that the accessories can only be used when the curtains are not opened, who will look at this when they really live at home, so you can save,

For example, like tassels and lace, as for the straps when shopping online, the merchant will give them for free, without spending money.

The fourth is to abandon the curtain: for

As far as the curtain is concerned, it doesn’t matter to young people now, but old people still think that it will look better with this. When shopping for curtains online, remember that once you use the curtains, they will

Caused the style old + spend more money, this money is really not necessary to spend.

Overall, online curtains will be cheaper, but also do it with a fiery eye, do not pay for “over-decoration”.

Speaking of this, I believe that many people will say that their own wall is made of latex paint, although online shopping curtain merchants will help match, but I am afraid that the final effect can not produce 2W effect.

To this end, I also give the popular scheme of curtain + latex paint, it can be said that all of them are classic, and the models are brilliant!

These can be said to be the most commonly used latex paint colors at the moment, with it, I believe you will no longer worry about the color matching of curtains!

Finally, let’s talk about the decoration and summarize it for everyone:

Although curtains are a small item in the decoration, they can not only save money, but also shine and make the new home more warm and beautiful.

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