In the parking lot

“Jingdong brother” sells “Blue Moon” laundry detergent

Two boxes of laundry detergent to buy home

The results found:

The little brother is not a real brother

The moon is not that moon either

April 12, 5:15 p.m

Ms. Sun in the parking lot of Qingdao Licang Wanda Plaza

Encounter a delivery man wearing a JD uniform

Push a trolley to sell laundry detergent

Before Ms. Sun could react

Two cases of laundry detergent

It was moved to Ms. Sun’s car

On the one hand, out of compassion

On the one hand, I think about laundry detergent

It is a family must-have

Just take it

Ms. Sun transferred 200 yuan to the other party

Take the laundry detergent apart when you get home

Ms. Sun was blindfolded

The texture of this laundry detergent

How is it like mixed with paste

Still not foaming in water?

Could it be that this is deceived?

Ms. Sun looked it up on the Internet

Now it’s even more panicked

Impersonating a JD service worker in an underground garage

Sale of laundry detergent

It has appeared all over the country

It was reported by the media last year

A similar case occurred in Xi’an


July 18, 2020

Ms. Qi and her family pick up their car in the parking lot

Suddenly by a person wearing a JD uniform

The man pulling the scooter stopped

Buy Blue Moon laundry detergent

Ms. Qi spent a total of 500 yuan

Bought 6 cases of Blue Moon laundry detergent

When I returned home, I found that they were all fakes

Ms. Sun immediately contacted Licang Wanda Plaza

The staff called back the next day

Will actively help with processing

Since not the first time

What does say about this?

Jingdong customer service staff said

Already on this matter

Docking with colleagues in Shandong area

The corresponding precincts will also be focused

If a situation is found, an alarm will be called

Jingdong customer service staff also said

In other regions

Encountered a similar situation before and the local police

A report was made

Some people have already been caught by the police

In the Shandong area

This is the first time a similar situation has been reported also reminds consumers:

JD Express is only responsible for delivery or shipping business

We will not sell laundry detergent or other related products

Consumers are asked not to believe this behavior

Source: Peninsula Metropolis

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