In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the concept of smart home is also more and more hot, as the representative products of Internet enterprises to layout smart homes, smart cameras are valued by major manufacturers, more and more intelligent monitoring equipment appears in people’s homes. A camera that can simultaneously have security, housekeeping, and interactive fun is becoming more and more popular.

A good camera mainly depends on the hardware configuration, and recently Xiaobian received a visionary intelligent HD camera called the UG brand. The smart camera has mainstream picture quality 1080P high-definition imaging, 110° ultra-wide viewing angle, two-way voice intercom, APP remote control and other functions. One of the exclusive highlights is eye-catching: the use of H.265 video coding format, which is twice the performance of the popular H.264 format on the market. In layman’s terms, traffic can be saved by 50% under the same video picture. At the same traffic speed, clarity and fluency can be improved by 50%.

Packaging & product appearance

On the outer packaging of the product, the packaging of the foresight intelligent network camera looks relatively simple, white environmentally friendly carton packaging, and the packaging appearance does not have much product introduction. On the front of the package is a product picture, which describes the visionary intelligent HD camera, and only introduces the characteristics of its product on the package, which is smoother: H.265 technology, more HD: 1080P. The side of the package is the vision logo, and the bottom box is the vision intelligent HD camera model: D304, and the manufacturer information.

The whole product packaging content includes: camera host *1, 3M universal non-marking adhesive sticker *1, screw *2, expansion screw *2, base fixing iron sheet *1, data cable *1, power adapter *1, instruction manual and certificate.

In terms of power supply, from the perspective of the configured power adapter, the 5V 1A adapter is the same as the mobile phone charger, which means that the product has richer applicability and can use mobile power to power the camera. In addition, in the configuration of the power line, a USB interface data cable up to 3 meters long is used, and the sufficient length of the cable will be more convenient to use.

The appearance color of the visionary intelligent HD camera adopts the classic black and white matching, the camera body is made of black plastic, the mirror surface is high-gloss treatment, and the surface hardness is not easy to scratch. The hinge and base are matte in white plastic, which feels very good in the hand.

Foresight intelligent HD camera built-in φ20mm 8Ω 0.5W speaker, 5m omnidirectional noise reduction microphone, Opus codec, with SD card expansion card slot, maximum support 64GB memory card, can allow videos and photos directly stored on the memory card, privacy control, avoid xx door.

The design of the 360° rotating shaft, with the base with magnetic bondable structure design, with the attached base fixed iron sheet, whether it is installed on the wall, or placed on the table is very convenient, the magnet suction of the base can be adsorbed in the tin cabinet and other places. The rotatable design adapts to any angle and is lightweight and has no dead angles.

Usage articles and APP applications

When using the visionary intelligent HD camera, plug the USB data cable into the USB interface on the back of the black main body of the camera, and use the same 5V 1A adapter as the mobile phone charger to supply power, and the length of the 3-meter USB data cable is enough for casual installation. After the power is turned on, the green light flashes, and then you can start the connection behind.

In terms of use, the installation and operation of the smart camera is very easy, and you will be able to use it more easily with the manual. The instruction manual of the Visionary Intelligent HD Camera is a simple small piece of paper with illustrated instructions and answers to questions printed on both sides.

The next is to download and install the APP with the mobile phone, the vision camera APP supports Apple mobile phones and Android system mobile phones, from the installation of the application start interface, the vision intelligent HD camera supports chat (that is, two-way voice), video recording and automatic saving viewing, family and friends sharing (at the same time support 5 people to share and view).

The connection is very simple, open the Vision Camera app, register and record with your mobile phone number so that you can manage the camera later. Connecting the device only takes 3 simple steps to get it, the green light flashes to indicate that the device is connected and waiting for the connection, now I understand that the camera is equipped with a pin is used to poke the SET hole, after hearing a “beep” in the APP choose to access their own WiFi and enter the password, the blue light is long on to indicate that the connection is successful, and then you can view the camera in the APP.

Camera surveillance applications and screen capture

As the current intelligent surveillance camera, the general concern is the working situation at night. The night working mode of the foresight intelligent HD camera is automatically identified by the light sensor, sensing that when the light is dark, the infrared light is on, enter the night vision working mode, the night image is black and white, the night vision distance is best within 5 meters, clear within 8 meters, through the actual capture, the effect is relatively clear.

In the Vision Camera APP, open My Smart Camera, the image clarity can be adjusted in three modes: HD, Normal, and Smooth. You can record a video by tapping the video icon, holding down the speak icon to have a conversation, and tapping the photo icon to snap.

The 1920*1080P camera configured with Foresight Intelligent HD Camera can clearly display video and shoot high-definition pictures, which can be applied to different scenarios, such as office, security room monitoring, parking lot, pet care, family companionship and other places. Using P2P direct connection mode, no cache will be generated on any device, and the imaging device runs; Multiple people are connected at the same time, mobile phone/tablet synchronous live broadcast, anytime, anywhere you want to watch; Built-in Bluetooth chip, using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, to achieve true wireless communication, at the same time can be connected to Bluetooth headsets and speakers, even in noisy environment will not video communication.


Through the experience of visionary intelligent HD cameras, 1080P HD video surveillance capabilities are enough to cope with the safety care of various environments in front of people, its unique H.265 video compression format has been greatly improved in performance, Bluetooth function breaks the traditional smart camera mode, providing us with more ways to play. Security features such as remote motion detection and alarm provide more favorable monitoring for the safety of our property and life, while meticulous workmanship and classic design facilitate installation and use. Combined with many features, the visionary intelligent HD camera is very worth having, and I look forward to optimizing more functions and bringing us more surprises in the future.

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