Entering December, the weather has fully entered winter, when it comes to the beauty of winter, the coat sweater that keeps warm for the winter is naturally not less, but accessories are also a particularly key focus!

If you want to be fashionable, F Jun recommends several good-looking winter boots for you, put them into your autumn and winter wardrobe, versatile and fashionable, fashionable all winter!

Winter wardrobe essentials

ankle boots

Ankle-length boots have become the most tall matching weapon, and the concept of ankle boots does not necessarily have to be at the ankle position, but slightly extended below the calf, can become ankle booties!

Matching is definitely the world of boots! Many girls like to wear a pair of stiletto boots to improve their body proportions, but wearing stiletto boots shopping can be tired into a dog, walking in the ice and snow can fall into a dog, and block heel and ankle boots can help you solve this small embarrassment!

The height of the ankle boots is above and below the ankle, which is definitely not embarrassing, and you can also show a small section of the calf between the pants and boots, which is not only fashionable, but also can wear a long leg nine-headed body.

Anky-length booties and long trouser legs and long skirts are a good pair of CPs, and there are many ways to match each other!

When wearing wide-leg pants, you can cover your booties like the picture above. In the same way, then wearing leggings can tuck pants into boots, and how to wear both is fashionable!

It is also fashionable to be covered by the skirt, and on such a cold day, you can add leggings to cover it under the skirt to keep warm and fashionable.

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Mid-tube boots

Everyone thinks that the middle boots will wear 5 short bodies if you are not careful, and the length to the calves and under the thighs is indeed embarrassing, but it is also very attractive when matched!

Leggings of the same color or color are often paired with mid-tube boots, which visually stretches the legs. Wear yours with some loose midi coats or sweaters, which are also loose and tight for a very layered feel.

Choosing a color that blends in with your pants will also make your mid-tube boots extra leg-long!

Wear it tightly against your leg without increasing the width of your leg and defining the imperfect line of your calf!

Whether it’s a stiletto heel or a block heel, one of them can define the shape of the leg.

Kurt Geiger London black patent leather stiletto boots

Kurt Geiger London black velvet block heels

of boots

Entering the early winter big cooldown, if you don’t want to wear autumn pants yet, then choose to wear boots. On windy days, the warmth effect is worth two pairs of autumn pants!

The height of the boots is also loose, and you can either knee or knee. In recent years, the hottest over-the-knee boots are the most popular among Asian girls, modifying the shape of the legs under the knees, and showing the height and long legs are the most obvious!

The stretch-cotton style allows the boots to tuck tightly around the legs and definitely look tall.

However, the boots should not be too tight, after all, we do not have a supermodel good figure, the boots are too tight will expose the shortcomings of our leg shape, you can choose to slightly loosen at the knees, so that the good figure is shown in contrast.

You can also add something new, with straps or folds.

Kurt Geiger London black boots

Kurt Geiger London black high-heeled over-the-knee boots

The beauty of winter boots is to wear and have to be a fashionable girlfriend!

The beauty of the boots to wear, the overall accessories are also very important! If you count what accessories go best with boots, it is definitely not a “particularly important bag” in the accessories family.

From booties to mid-length boots to boots, the combination with handbags is always so harmonious. Any combination is trendy to the bone.

When the layers are mixed and matched enough, a simple pair of boots like Olivia Palermo and a glossy leather tote will become the highlight of your whole body.

When matching a handbag, you can choose the most conservative color palette, either the same color as the upper body or the same color as the lower body. In this way, you don’t have to worry about color matching and style friction, relying on the layering of one color, you can create a breeze, fashion and aura.

Carvela Kurt Geiger pink minimalist tote

KG*Kurt Geiger black tote

Carvela Kurt Geiger dark red handbag

After watching so many street shooting cases, all kinds of high-style beautiful boots are really important, if you want grace and temperature, boots are the best winter artifact!

F Jun just recommended so many good boots for everyone, everyone must be curious about where such “stunners” come from, now decrypted: they are shoe brands from London, England




, respectively

Kurt Geiger London, KG Kurt Geiger, Carvela Kurt Geiger and Miss KG

, four brand boutiques, when recommending items to the girls, F Jun is picky!

Booties and middle boots all choose high-end fabrics, such as patent leather, suede, etc., simple and atmospheric design, even if it is a pattern, it will not be too fancy, it is definitely a must-have style for temperamental goddesses!

Boots are also the trendiest style in season, knee-length and over-the-knee boots, this autumn and winter will meet all your requirements!

The bag style and shoes also choose to take the high-end route of temperament, simple design, classic silhouette and new modern atmosphere, full score for practicality!

With so many introductions, friends can’t wait to buy, buy, buy! F-jun is going to let go of welfare!







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Winter wardrobe essentials

Winter wardrobe essentials

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Recommended items:

Recommended items:

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