Xu Qing has always been a sexy stunner-like existence, in her seems to be impossible, always able to give people a very cordial and gentle feeling, although it has been more than 100 years old, but the girlish feeling, the gesture is also full of gentle and atmospheric effect, perhaps this is the unique charm of Asian women, noble and elegant without losing the current trend of high-end sense.

Xu Qing likes to use sweaters to match, but in daily life, everyone knows that sweaters are easy to wear bloated effects, especially loose plus-size sweater styles, which are unfriendly to many women, unless it is the type of hanger body, which can be easily controlled, such as some women with broad shoulders and thick shoulders or slightly fatter are difficult to control, but on Xu Qing,

But she can always wear a variety of sweaters, fashionable and thin effect, let’s learn together!

1. How does Xu Qing easily control the loose sweater?

1. Use high-end color matching to break through the bloated feeling of sweaters

Xu Qin chose a high-end color matching when matching sweaters, to break through the bloated sense of sweaters, so visually can play a good slimming effect and eye-catching, although it is 52 years old, but the whole person’s state looks like 30 years old, especially the high-end sense of color matching, more fashionable strength,

The tenderness of pink and the classic versatility of black can instantly enhance femininity.

2. Tie-up the high ball head to reduce the effect of excessive procrastination

In the choice of hairstyle, it is also particularly important to tie up the high ball head, which can highlight the refreshing and comfortable side, effectively reduce the wide effect of the sweater, and the overall look dragged and lazy.

The ball head can easily highlight the advantages of the face and show the smooth silhouette.

3. Adopt the treatment method of upper width and tight bottom to achieve a sense of coordination

It is very important to know how to use the treatment of upper width and tight bottom, and the advantages of the figure are very important, and Xu Qing’s height is actually not short, but the tall figure of 168 is still inseparable from platform shoes, the whole person looks more slender, although the loose sweater with the matching can not outline the body line, but we can use pants to achieve the effect of modifying the leg shape,

Skinny leggings are a must-have item in everyday wear, versatile and stylish, and can be said to be a future-proof choice.

Second, how to choose a loose style sweater?

Method 1: Combine the design of irregular stripe knitting

Loose sweater styles must pay attention to how to choose, choose the right style design, can effectively enhance the fashion effect and wearing advantages, combined with irregular stripe knit design, that is, the self-contained hook line treatment, can extend the beauty of the line well,

Break through the monotonous and boring effect, so as to effectively bring the fashionable feeling of sweaters.

Method 2: Choose a short model to create a vibrant and playful effect

Choosing a short sweater is actually very good, especially the crop length sweater style, and then paired with a high-waisted skirt or wide-leg pants, which are unique to women.

The short sweater style can shape the playful and energetic side of women, which is also very significant for the sense of age reduction.

Third, the matching skills of loose sweaters

Tip 1: Wear the same color and look thin and thin

Loose sweater wearing can not forget the color matching treatment, the use of the same color matching can be a good shape of the coordination effect, for the high-end side, but also vividly displayed, the same color can not choose too bright colors for collision,

It is necessary to use the classic versatile black, white and gray to effectively interpret the stunning beauty.

Tip 2: Combine rigidity and softness to show the feeling of beauty and sassiness of women

In the wearing skills of sweaters, we must not forget the choice of rigidity and softness, that is, it can be processed in color or fabric, and cold colors are often the representative of rigidity in color, and warm colors are the representative of soft,

In the choice of fabric, wool is the key, for example, some denim leather is a must-have for shaping.

Fashion summary

1. In fact, for women, sweater wearing is indispensable in autumn and winter, and knowing how to match has become a key skill.

2. When matching sweaters, you must not forget the treatment of highlights, whether it is from the color matching, or the effect of jewelry embellishment is crucial.

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