For Chelsea boots, maybe everyone doesn’t know its name, but Sister Ji thinks everyone must have seen Chelsea boots. I know that you will not miss this versatile to fraternal, unisex fashion item, so let’s take a look at the street photography matching of the experts~

What are Chelsea boots?

Round toe, no laces, ankle-high, the front and back of the shoe are made of different leather materials, and the elastic band at the side is used to tighten the boot.

During the Victorian period in England, the Chelsea boots were invented by J. Sparkes-Hall, Queen Victoria’s shoemaker. He put an elastic band on his booties, and their easy onning and taking off feature keeps the Queen’s boots on day by day. Soon, the shoe invented by J. Sparkes-Hall was circulating in the city.

The Chelsea boot is considered an iconic element of Britain in the ’60s – typical of mod culture at the time – and it was once a Beatles cult classic.

WOMEN Women’s Boots

Chelsea boots add a cool and casual touch to the overall outfit.

I heard that the casualness of wide-leg pants and the handsomeness of Chelsea boots are more compatible~

The metal heel is also quite good-looking, and a dull combination will be lit up to decorate.

An ankle is exposed between the skirt and boots, and the proportion is extended.

If you want to avoid being too formal, you can choose Chelsea boots to create a handsome feeling.

Sister-in-law Bei has also put it on silently. Long coats and Chelsea boots are full of aura.

Office workers can also wear it in this way, and the narrow legs can be placed in the boots.

Miranda Kerr is also the number one fan of Chelsea boots.

If you don’t know what shoes to wear when you go out, then choose Chelsea boots that you can’t go wrong.

Skinny legging and Chelsea boots extend the legs infinitely, with legs all from the chest down.

MEN men’s boots

To prevent booties from appearing short legs, it is recommended to roll up the trouser legs to expose a calf.

Comes with an elastic adjustment function, just a simple pedal.

Jeans + Chelsea boots are definitely worth a try.

If you want to be different, choose brown Chelsea boots~

Formal wear can also be chosen to match, full of trend.

Mature uncles can also be perfectly harnessed.

It turns out that Chelsea boots are suitable for both men and women, young and old. Such fraternal boots, just put it away soon~

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