【News Background】

USTC created 5,980 graduation rings for the Class of 2014 as gifts for the graduates. The rings are made in limited editions, titanium steel, engraved with “USTC” (school name initials) on the front and “2014 – number” on the back, each piece is unique.

【News Inventory】

It’s another year of graduation season, and another year of parting.

College was wonderful and silly, but I couldn’t replicate it all over again. Remember the roommate on the upper bunk who cried and laughed with you? Remember the sweaty playground on campus, the library full of books? In June of that year, I thought there would be a start of school, but never again.

It’s a pity that all this has become a memory, but even if we can’t go back, we can still commemorate it. Today, Hao Xiaobian takes this opportunity to miss our university, miss our friends, and miss our youth.

Remember the graduation gift you received when you graduated? There is a school called someone else’s school, how are the following graduation gifts compared to yours?

1. The most romantic – Chinese Normal University customized graduation ring

Think the rings of the University of Science and Technology of China are very good? No! In fact, East China Normal University launched a graduation ring last year! There are two kinds of glossy and frosted, “representing two stages of life, student life is simple and flat, stepping into society has experienced setbacks, as long as hard work and dedication, everyone will become a shining star.” ”

2. The most beautiful – hand-drawn postcards

This is probably the most common form of graduation gift right now. All kinds of talented students, hand-painted the iconic landscape of their respective universities, made into postcards for students and friends to collect after graduation, which is probably a very good memorial.

3. Most attentive – write inlaid poems for classmates

“Write poetry for you, still for you.” Who will write poetry under your name these days? Teacher Zhu Huijing in Changzhou will. Teacher Zhu wrote inscribed poems for everyone as graduation gifts. Each seven-sentence poem contains the personality characteristics of the students, and the plain is still very neat. Did your teacher ever give you any graduation gifts?

4. The most fashionable – record a CD with a detached song

“Give you a CD of the past”. Nowadays, many students will shoot graduation videos or micro-movies when they graduate, which are funny and sensational. There are even “Maiba” students who will record their own songs and engrave them into CDs to give to their classmates as souvenirs. Recording university life in the form of sound and painting, in addition to images, nostalgic feelings jump out on paper.

5. Most creative – provide free campus lawn weddings

Last year, Shanghai Institute of Finance held a graduation party called “Songs for Students”. The school gave away two mystery prizes to the graduates through a lottery – within 5 years of graduation, the school promised to provide the winners with a free campus lawn wedding! Isn’t it wonderful to walk into another hall of life with the blessing of junior brothers and sisters?

6. The most tearful – eliminate all punishment!

Caught and punished by a teacher in college for cheating? Warned by the school for helping people knock cards in the morning? … When they were about to graduate and leave school, many graduates of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics received this special graduation gift – the decision to lift the sanction.

7. The strangest thing – dinner with school leaders

The 56 graduates of Northwest Normal University who were recruited through Weibo and other channels received special gifts the day before graduation: they had breakfast with more than 40 school and college leaders, exchanged the joys and worries of university life face-to-face, and offered suggestions for the development of their alma mater.

This gift is truly amazing… Inside the cow full of noodles!

In addition to receiving graduation gifts, there are many interesting things about graduation. The first thing to do is to take graduation photos. A creative graduation photo, that’s a very interesting (QI) memory.

There are countless such creative graduation photos. But at the end of the day, these are other people’s graduation photos. Generally, graduation photos are probably only reduced to ping (xiong) and quack (can).

1. “Almighty” PS

The picture below is a graduation photo of a school in Hangzhou. When taking pictures, four stools were vacated in the middle for the leaders, one secretary and three principals. Ten classes, the leaders did not participate, and finally PS them in … It is said that there are many such things. Is your graduation photo PS?

2. Are you still throwing bachelor’s hats?

Brushing bachelor’s uniforms, throwing hats collectively, and taking such “parting photos” everywhere on college campuses during graduation season. But be careful, a senior girl at Anhui University a few days ago, when the whole class threw a bachelor’s hat to take pictures, her head was smashed by the bachelor’s hat, and the blood flowed nonstop.

Someone specially did an experiment, put the watermelon in the ground, threw the bachelor’s cap high, and as a result, the bachelor’s cap not only inserted directly into the watermelon, but also split the watermelon … You’re taking pictures with your life, are you making it?

Remember your graduation gift? Do you still have your graduation photos? Do you have any interesting memories of graduation season? Today, we might as well share it together.

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