It is not a matter of not having a study room at home, whether it is the child writing homework or occasionally working overtime at home, there needs to be a special place. Buying a formal desk is still quite space-occupied, in fact, it is completely possible to make a partition in some “idle” space, plus wall space, and it is good to make a study room.

In fact, there are still many benefits of such a partition desk, the wall on the desktop does not occupy space, and it is also light and dexterous to use. Whether it is the width of the entire wall or the corner of the wall, even small corners can be used, but the light still needs to be arranged in advance. This layout design can not only be used as a desk, but also as a bar, even as a display partition is also very good.

The height of the partition desk is generally about 75 cm, and the low bar counter is about 90 cm (the regular one is about 110 cm). But these are also general sizes, the specific size still depends on the user’s own height, but also with the appropriate height of the stool (generally the bottom of the table and the height of the stool drop is about 25 cm).

The general depth of the desk is 50 to 60 cm, but the partition desk still needs to be made according to your specific needs. Almost 30 centimeters can be put on the computer, which is enough for temporary use. If it is 40 cm wide, you can also put your arms so that there is more space under the table for your legs. The size of the depth still depends on how many things you need to put and whether you want to use it more comfortably.

When you put something on the partition, you need to consider the problem of load-bearing. The distance between the pallets should not exceed 80 cm, otherwise it may not be able to support the contents of the partition. If you really want to put more things, then you should consider using a better material to make partitions, and you can also shorten the bracket distance between the pallets. When choosing materials, you also need to consider the situation on the lower wall, such as plasterboard partition walls or hollow brick walls, etc., you need to pay more attention.

There are also many ways to match the partition desk, which can be just a partition or with a storage cabinet. Make use of the space on the wall, and it will not be worse than a separate study.

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