Everyone in this group has been waiting for a long time!!!

Sorry, ah, ah, because I have been waiting for a pair of plush leggings that very thick fat people can wear~~

I hate HL’s leggings last year in 4 groups, and everyone’s feedback is super good, so let’s open the first group of this year!!!

In addition to the previous word-of-mouth model, there is also a new plush model ~~

This group is only 4 days, and the 8th intercepts the group, everyone should hurry up ha~

Code: Brother Grass

(Be sure to remember to remark the code in the buyer’s message when taking the photo, and change the price with the code, otherwise you can’t tell whether you are a member of the group)

Free shipping over 145 in the store, no gold mining coins can be used!

Interception date: 12 pm on the 8th (the first few groups were filmed quickly, so everyone remember to shoot quickly~!) )

In addition, don’t mention group buying in the evaluation, teenagers!!!! It will affect the normal sales of TAT…

This group purchase is more cost-effective than Double 12, so buy it with confidence! No need to wait!

1, French CA|mink down! Cold tummy thickened warm pants slightly imitation mink down matte tights stepped on

(The fleece is super comfortable to wear!) Most recommended for everyday life! )

Group price: 49 yuan

Let’s talk about my favorite ~~ first

This comfort is very high, and I feel good in all aspects after trying it on~

Especially I feel that the elasticity is very good and relaxed, and there is no sense of oppression at all when wearing it~

There is imitation mink down inside, so the thickness is enough, I think this buyer should be the most ~

Personally, I recommend this the most, I am afraid of cold sister paper can be bought, there is lint inside, it is very comfortable and warm~

My one is gray, show you the inside of the velvet, the quality is very good.

The main thing is that the waistband of the trousers is not tightened, so it is amazing to wear!

This thickness is also most suitable for people who are afraid of cold, not particularly thick and fat, but not too thin enough to keep warm~

Personally recommend this the most!

2. HM super thickened thermal pants imitation mink down tights (super invincible thick!) Also very suitable for fat people)

Group price: 68 yuan

We waited so long because it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because some people are very afraid of cold, they want to say that they want to make a super invincible thick one to warm you so much that there is nothing to say ~~

This one is super thick!! Super!! Super invincible!!

The moment I put it on, I almost thought I was in a cosplay bear haunt =_=!

If you are afraid of the cold to an extreme, or you are in Heilongjiang or something really cold area, I recommend you to buy this!

Or it is also excellent to buy it for the elderly at home, thinking that this trouser tube is relatively thick, so fat people can wear ~

Can you see it? My calves are particularly thin, I can’t stick this pants, fat people can wear it~

The picture on the right is the effect of taking it off, I don’t know if you can see that side?

Really thick!!!!!!

You will definitely not shout cold with me anymore, yo xi~~

See for yourselves, it’s a bear haunt, okay!!!!!!!!!!

Super invincible thick, the waistband is also very comfortable~

It is suitable for people who are afraid of cold when traveling, and I am seriously considering whether to wear it to Chengdu and wear a small short skirt~~


Zara Pressure Shaping Heat Terry Matte Pantyhose 500D Autumn Pantyhose Stockings Skinny Leg Socks (The Most Hot!) )

Group price: 36 yuan

Needless to say, this is your favorite !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many sisters in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai say that they are not cold to wear alone,

Because this one has a heating terry inside, and it’s a little stressful style,

Therefore, it is very thin to wear, and the warmth is also wind-resistant~

It’s so hot that I don’t want to say anything, go buy it~

The quality is very good and durable, the thickness is very solid,

If you need durable and thick stockings, this is a great choice.

Both of them are very suitable to wear with winter booties and pants ~~~~ very skinny feeding ~~~~

Last year, the feedback from everyone in the group was super good!! The zara model is a skinny king!!!

Everyone says that it is very warm and thin, and the thickness is there, but after all, it is not the super thick of the pile, you can consider it yourself~

Everyone likes it so much, they really don’t cover it!! Really recommend!!

And there is

ZARA’s upgraded high-waist tummy warmer,

Group price: 41 yuan, link


You see, inside is the ~~ of the heating ring cotton

So it’s warmer than regular tights!

The main warmth and thin~


A must-have for everyone! Pressure terry fleece thickened warm pressure pantyhose nine points to step on

(Skinny!) Super rammed this winter! )

Group price: 39 yuan

This time I want to recommend this kind of tights to you, which are also stressful~

The inside is also terry cotton, so it is warmer than ordinary and very close~

Know why you buy skin tones? Because in winter it happens to wear with 5050 thigh boots!!!

Many girls wear it this way, and this model is very thin, super suitable for matching 5050 !!!

Of course, it also has many other colors, you can choose by yourself, this one is so thin to wear~

With the effect of 5050 wearing ~~~

Is it both warm and aesthetically pleasing?

No more braving the cold wind to bare legs!!!!


Luxury brushing! SILK S* Autumn and Winter Heat Shaping Warm Showing Slim Fleece Pantyhose 800D (Fleece! Better warmth! )

This one is not stressful, not so thin, but with fleece, so it will be warmer~

Sister paper who is afraid of cold can choose this yo~

The previous article is relatively thin ~~~

There are many colors to choose from, like the texture of stockings, and want to keep warm better, you can choose this!

In addition, there are 900D optional, group price: 41 yuan, link


It looks good to wear~

This winter, 2 pairs of skin color stockings are enough to wear together~

There are also many colors ~ you can go and choose your own ha~


Skinny! JA genuine leg tummy tummy pressure shaping pantyhose 80D velvet matte (tummy tuck to show thin!) The color is good)

Group price: 29 yuan

This one is 80D, and the thickness is average, but there are many special colors ~~

It is very suitable for wearing a puffy skirt, it looks very good~

In addition, its waistband is a highlight, which is very good and comfortable ~~

The upper leg effect is shown in the picture.

These two colors look good, and the spring and autumn wear is great~

I hope everyone has a happy group ^^


Group price: 39 yuan

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