It’s time for you to get new gear in 2022, right? As a headphone review blogger, I decided to take out my most satisfying Rambler X2 Bluetooth headset in recent years to share it! This time, I also bought a few for my younger brothers for the New Year’s gift!

Many people say they want to

A high-value semi-in-ear Bluetooth headset with good sound quality

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Rambler X2 Bluetooth headset



Therefore, I made a series of comprehensive choices according to the principle of scientific purchasing. Screened the Rambler X2 series, both practical and beautiful, it is very suitable for your needs.

The appearance is simple and advanced

As a professional headphone evaluation blogger, the first thing to do when you get a new headset is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

I did a two-week headphone review

, have to admire the ability of Rambler to make headphones, more than 20 years worthy of being the leader in the audio industry, Rambler X2 Bluetooth headset whether it is in sound quality, fit and design reflects the high cost performance – then I

Let’s take a look at this one

Hot 100 yuan bluetooth headset

What makes it special:

High-value appearance design, extremely comfortable wearing feeling|comfortable and practical integration|

X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset adheres to a simple and advanced style in appearance, the charging case adopts an oval pebble design, the shell is round, no diamond angle, and the cover is automatically connected, comparable to AirPods.

The bottom adopts Type-C charging interface, the fully charged earphones can last 7 hours at a time, the charging case can last 21 hours when fully charged, and it is completely okay to charge for 2-3 days.

At the same time, the earphone battery capacity is 37mAh, the charging case battery capacity is 350mAh, and the charging effect is 30 minutes and 3 hours.

The evaluation results found that when the battery reaches 20%, the headset will remind you, and it can be used for about 2 hours. However, after evaluating several headphones, it is recommended to charge them immediately at this time to maximize battery care.

The built-in headphone design is designed with ergonomics and semi-in-ear housing. This allows the earphones to fit the curve of the ear better, reduce the pressure of the earphones on the ear, and improve the effect of hanging ear fixation. In addition, one headset weighs about 3.5g. Even if you play games every day and

Listen to music without worrying about the pressure of your ears.

I used it for 5 hours continuously during the evaluation and during this 5-hour experience, there was no redness or pain in my ears.

But to tell the truth, whether our ears hurt or not, it is better not to keep the volume loud for a long time and wear headphones.

During the test, I tried high-frequency intense activities such as running, skipping rope, and dribbling, and the headphones were still firmly worn without stress.

During intense exercise, I don’t have to worry about sweating and causing damage to the inside of the headphones, and I did a 2-hour long-distance running exercise during the assessment, during which the sound quality and wearing comfort of the headphones were not uncomfortable due to sweat.

It has IPX54 waterproof and sweatproof function, which can be worn and used whether it is raining or running.

Three-band distribution high-quality sound quality|100 yuan Bluetooth headset sound quality benchmark|

For the headphone white,

When choosing Bluetooth headsets, price + sound quality will be used as a selection criterion.

X2 adopts tri-band distribution technology and Bluetooth version 5.1,

During the test, even if the headset is 10m away from the mobile phone, it can still ensure the stable transmission of information.


There are obvious differences between the high, medium and low levels of the three-frequency distribution.


The internal dynamic coil of the headphones is a 13mm large-size monomer, which can bring a wide sound quality effect on the basis of the original sound quality, and the frequency range is 20Hz-20KHz

This is one of the reasons why telephone and voice vocal processing is as clear as meeting in person.

The Rambler X2 also offers a game mode for game lovers, which only requires three taps on the left ear to switch modes

On the one hand, it solves the problems of out-of-sync picture quality and audio and delayed game sound quality in Bluetooth headsets, and on the other hand, it highly restores the game sound, making people have a sense of sound immersion.

Game Mode Status I reviewed two games, PUBG and Honor of Kings,

Restored the sound of game footsteps, gunshots, voice dialogue… Quickly lock onto enemy positions without outside noise. The effect is not much different from the Apple headphones I bought before.

The test shows that the X2 Bluetooth headset does not have noise reduction function, but there is a call noise reduction algorithm design during the call.

In the process of answering calls, voice, and video, voice details can be preserved even in noisy environments, and the clarity of sound quality enables high sound quality and excellent call environment.

In the evaluation, I tried to use it in different environments such as parks, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, etc., and the sound quality was weakened to different degrees, but they were both

Guaranteed low distortion during calls,

This is a special ability that ordinary 100-dollar Bluetooth headsets do not have.

In general, the Rambler X2 headset has an experience effect that the 100-yuan Bluetooth headset does not have, and the best thing is that the sound quality effect of the game mode is highly restored.

If you want a good headset on a budget of less than 100 yuan, now it’s okay to buy Rambler X2 Bluetooth headset!

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