Friends clamored to knit a shawl together, go out to block the wind, and make a small blanket at home. Quickly got into the sea of books to find a sample, tossed around, and finally fell in love with a shawl in “World Weaving” 4, casual, but not too difficult. But the original number of stitches is too small to be applicable, so I had to modify it myself. Find out the hoarding line and start working.

Wire: 60 merino wool 8 strands of Meihuijia (about 600 grams)

Needle: True Love Ring Needle, Main Body No. 11, Side No. 12

Compilation Instructions

1. The first piece: use 12 gauge needles to pick up 150 needles, weave washboard 12 rows and change 11 gauge needles, flat needles 100 needles, row flower 50 stitches. Weave enough 30 patterns and then collect the needle.

2. The second piece: use an 11-gauge needle to pick up 80 needles, knit a flat needle N rows, and knit 10 rows of washboards (leave buttonholes in the process of weaving the washboard) to collect the needles.

3. Fold part of the second piece into a pocket and stitch it with the first piece.

4. Pick the edge to weave the washboard and sew the buttons.

Original image

I use the tricks

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