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Speaking of Li Bingbing, I don’t know if everyone likes her, she seems to have become more and more low-key in recent years, and she has not appeared so frequently in our public vision, but this does not mean that she has no works, the recently released movie “Megalodon”, Li Bingbing’s acting skills are real, making people’s hearts follow the plot all the time.

Li Bingbing not only acting, but also maintained a good figure, now 45 years old she still looks beautiful and moving, when attending fashion week, Li Bingbing wore a pink bandeau long skirt, elegant and flowing, especially such a pink color, but also with the effect of reducing age, the most important thing is that this skirt is the style of 5 years ago, but Li Bingbing actually wore a full girlish feeling, sure enough, the temperament is extraordinary~ old clothes can wear such a fashionable feeling.

However, Li Bingbing’s effect on the upper body is indeed very stunning, the design of the bandeau shows the beautiful collarbone, the floor-length skirt is particularly high, making Li Bingbing look very tall and outstanding, all the hair combed back is very fashionable, showing all her delicate facial features, flowing and flexible and full of aura, the two seemingly contradictory temperaments are perfectly combined on her body.

Li Bingbing’s dressing taste has always been very good, a printed slip dress, with black mesh, is really too beautiful, the slip dress is full of femininity, the main color of black, with green and white prints, is very fresh and fashionable, plus a black mesh, adding a hazy beauty, especially the bow decoration at the neck, full of femininity.

Li Bingbing in a skirt is incomparably beautiful, next you might as well see what she will look like in professional clothes, a pink shirt with a brick red skirt, looks gentle and capable, the entire color of the clothing is red, full of vitality, the color of the bow on the shirt echoes the color of the skirt, it is really good to wear, such a dress is very suitable for both work and daily private clothing.

Occasionally change the small fresh style is also good, a green horizontal stripe top with a polka dot skirt, the color matching is refreshing and simple, the clothing style is also very simple and fresh, in addition to a ball head shape, so Li Bingbing is really too much like an 18-year-old girl, young and beautiful, what do you think?

Li Bingbing’s hard work is famous, the result of the effort is naturally to get better development opportunities, when attending the event, Li Bingbing is wearing a white fishtail skirt, sexy and elegant, especially the guy is plus a delicate retro makeup, even if standing with foreign stars with deep facial features, it is not inferior, this big red lip is really a lot of points ~

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45-year-old Li Bingbing wearing a printed dress + black mesh, age reduction and fashion, netizens: really beautiful

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