“Guilin’s landscapes and rivers are in the world, walking with pleasant feelings and lyricism” So, sometimes wear headphones, listen to your favorite songs, marvel at the ghostly work of nature, and indulge in the wilderness and magic of the wonderland on earth.

Introduction to Guilin

Guilin, abbreviated as Gui, is an international tourist attraction approved by the State Council and an innovation demonstration area for the national sustainable development agenda; The permanent venue of the United Nations World Tourism Organization PATA International Forum on Tourism Trends and Prospects, and the Guilin Joint Logistics Support Center of the Central Military Commission.

Traditional Attractions:

(1) East-West Alley: There is only one historic street in Guilin’s streets and lanes, with a pleasant spatial scale, which is the ancient history observation area of Guilin, which includes traditional streets such as Zhengyang Street East Alley, Jiangnan Alley, Lanjing Alley and Guilin. It embodies the historical context of Guilin. Therefore, the historical and cultural street of Xiang is an important part of Guilin’s historical and cultural city, which is the main function of traditional residences, commercial and traditional cultural experience, leisure tourism, and tourist attractions on the basis of integration, on the street, celebrity building” characteristics, reflecting the development of the times of the complex historical area cultural diversity. The aim is to build Guilin’s most distinctive historical and cultural district.

(2) Night tour of two rivers and four lakes: the so-called two rivers and four lakes to appreciate, mostly recent man-made landscapes, may not be able to afford the ferry ticket; If you like to take a boat trip, remember: the night view is beautiful.

(3) Longji rice terraces

Longji rice terraces are one of the essence attractions in Guilin, because the distance is relatively long, there is no arrangement of flower viewing attractions, why choose Ping’an Village, because the Spring Festival terraces have not yet been irrigated, and Ping’an Zhai Jiulong Five Tigers attractions have a small amount of water, if the weather is good, it is still very beautiful, this day is recommended to go back and forth on the same day. If you feel that there is too much time, you can go to the small village that has not been commercially developed: Yuewu Village to taste local specialties, where the local chicken is the most recommended, the native chicken made with mountain spring water, the city is not able to enjoy, chicken is eaten in shabu, is also a unique national characteristic, because it grows in the environment of mountains and long-term isolation from the outside world, rarely hybridizes with other varieties, so it has the advantage of being a single color. It is suitable for stocking in orchard woodland with good ecological environment in mountainous rural areas. The 4.5-meter-wide concrete road can cope with self-driving and group travel.

(4) Yangdi bamboo raft swimming Li River: Karst Scenic Area is the world’s largest and most beautiful scenic tourist area, located in the east of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Pearl River Water System, about 83 kilometers from Guilin to Yangshuo water, called Lijiang South China. From Guilin to Yangshuo 83 kilometers of water Lijiang River, she is like a green Luo belt, winding, hovering along 000 points of blue, beautiful peaks, Qi peak reflection, deep pools, fountains and waterfalls are different, constitute a colorful picture, known as “Baili Li River, Baili Gallery” is the most typical karst terrain in Guangxi.

(5) West Street: Yangshuo West Street is located in the center of Yangshuo Ancient Town, about 8 meters wide and 800 meters long. After 1400, the ancient buildings such as city walls, inscriptions, ancient temples, ancient pavilions, celebrities, memorial halls and other ancient buildings of the Ming Dynasty have been well preserved, which is the oldest and most prosperous street in Yangshuo and one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo.

Itinerary (for reference)

D1: Pick-up, hotel drop-off, free time

D2: Longji Rice Terraces – Huangluoyao Village

D3: Xingping Lijiang – Xingping Ancient Town – Yulong River Bamboo Raft – Shili Gallery – Butterfly Spring – Yangshuo West Street

D4: Yinziyan – Maling Ancient Village – Landscape Performance – Two Rivers and Four Lakes – Sun and Moon Twin Towers

D5: Luoshan Lake style island, send the station home

Food introduction

(1) Guilin rice noodles: Guilin rice noodles are a characteristic traditional snack with a long history in Guangxi. It is famous for its unique flavor. Its workmanship is exquisite, first the best early indica rice is ground into a pulp, bagged and dried, boiled into a flour ball, and pressed into round roots or flakes. Round is called rice flour, flakes are called cut powder, commonly known as rice flour, which is characterized by white, tender, soft and smooth, refreshing. It is eaten in a variety of ways. The most particular production of brine, the process is different, roughly made of pork, beef bones, monk fruit and various condiments boiled, rich in aroma. The ingredients and methods used in the brine are different, and the flavor of rice noodles is also different. There are lettuce powder, beef brisket powder, three fresh powder, original soup powder, brine powder, hot and sour powder, horse meat rice noodles, basidiosa rice noodles, etc.

(2) Guilin field snail brewing: Guilin’s field snail is very special. The first is large, the largest is almost the size of a ping-pong ball; Secondly, it tastes, which are not at all like the taste of the snail itself. The meat inside is not all snail meat, but first take out the snail meat, mix pork, coriander and other condiments and chop it together, and then fill it into the empty shell of the snail and mix it with the soup and cook it together.

(3) Lipu button meat: Lipu button meat is a local famous dish with full color and aroma. This dish is golden in color, with flanky taro slices fluffy and refreshing, oily but not greasy, and full of fragrant. It has the function of clearing heat and dispelling fire and moisturizing the complexion. Guilin’s special famous dishes, using authentic Guilin lipu taro, pork belly with skin, Guilin curd milk as the main materials, cooking is mainly steamed vegetables, salty and sweet taste. Traditional banquet famous dishes, using authentic Guilin Lipu taro, pork belly with skin, Guilin curd milk and various condiments. Divide the pork belly with skin and cut into chunks and fry the taro, then steam the pork belly cubes skin-side down in a bowl and flip into another plate.

(4) Oil tea: Oil tea can be said to be a must-drink drink for Guilin people every day, especially at noon, everyone will meet together. Tasting oil tea, chatting and then continuing the afternoon work, oil tea is not so much a habit of Guilin people, but a culture integrated into the hearts of Guilin people.

(5) Jeonju vinegar blood duck: In 2010, Jeonju vinegar blood duck was rated as the tangible cultural heritage of Guangxi West Africa. Vinegar blood duck uses duck as raw material, killing duck blood is infused with sour vinegar, and bitter melon and other side dishes are added. The duck meat is soft and delicious, spicy and sour, and the appetizing and delicious finished products are served, refreshing and delicious.


1. Guilin’s attractions are too scattered, it is recommended not to travel by car and play by yourself. Not only is it a waste of time to play by yourself, but parking is more expensive than fuel during peak season.

2. The temperature difference between morning and evening in the scenic area is large, clothes should be prepared in advance, and it is best to wear sports shoes.

3. Make a general itinerary before departure, because it is good to book a hotel, otherwise you don’t know where to stay, especially in the peak season, there will definitely be no room, there are super people.

4, don’t believe the nonsense of taxis and hitchhiker drivers on the street, saying that 50 yuan to drive you to your destination, very close, in fact, they just sold you to make money, you must remember that there is no free lunch in the world, otherwise you will have to spend at least 3,000 more.

5. Sunscreen products: Guilin sunshine is strong, sunglasses, parasols, sun hats, sunscreen (high index), lip balm, etc. can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, if no sun protection measures are taken, the skin is easy to be tanned or sunburned.

6. Medicine: According to your own health status, you should also bring the necessary standing medicines such as anti-inflammatory, pain, motion sickness, heat and detoxification drugs, wind oil essence, gold oil, etc.

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