Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Fang Binnan Baiyang) On the evening of January 14, Bo Baolong, which manufactures for Peak, Xtep and other brands, issued an announcement that regarding the benchmark IKEA, the company wants to build 1wor’s global offline industrial store. IKEA is a channel brand, but every piece of furniture that walks in has a designer’s independent brand. The same is true of clothing, the offline experience store created by the company in the world, after entering a channel store like 1wor, every product you see is a brand with independent designers, so find IKEA as a benchmark. In the future, consumers entering 1wor is like entering IKEA, whether they are looking for cost-effective, or original designer style products, they can choose in the 1wor offline experience store.

For the production company of Pabelon to integrate the supply chain, Pabelon pointed out in the announcement that the company specializes in making T-shirts and women’s clothing, and will not be mixed together. At present, Paborone and Yi Global are separate. Since its establishment, it has been based on the three classic models of sports brand T-shirts, sweatshirts and pants, and we have added seamless textiles since the IPO in 15 years. This category is aimed at sports brands and is a sales growth point for brands.

It is reported that Bai Baolong was established in 2006 and is the only listed clothing design company in China. Up to now, Baibaolong has become the largest and most complete clothing design enterprise in China, with nearly 500 self-owned design and development personnel, mainly distributed in Puning, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In the more than ten years since its establishment, it has accumulated more than 200 well-known brand customers, including Peak, Xtep, Philo, Li Ning, etc., of which most of Peak’s annual T-shirt clothing design and organization production are handed over to Paobao Long to complete. At the production end, Pabelon has about 10% of its own intelligent production capacity, and 90% of its production capacity is mainly completed through supply chain organization production.

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