T-shirts are always an essential item in summer and autumn, whether worn alone or underneath, such items are used almost every day. But is it tedious to always have a style of T-shirt? Try patterned T-shirts, which are varied, easy to wear, and very fashionable.

Let’s share with you the interesting patterns on the T-shirt, see what artistic patterns can be walked out of a simple T-shirt, maybe it will also help you choose a T-shirt, let’s learn about it with me.

Caricature T-shirt

The two-dimensional dongdong of comic T-shirts is always full of girly feeling, wearing the body to reduce the vitality of age, and it is easy to match. A cute manga T-shirt with a pair of crisp trousers can be worn to create a feeling of vitality and youth.

1. Independent comic pattern modeling

Manga T-shirts are mainly extracted from the shape of characters from a certain series of anime and printed on the T-shirt, and the focus of the styling highlights the core content of the pattern. This kind of main emphasis on a single pattern shape is relatively simple, which is very suitable for young ladies who like cartoon characters.

But for actresses, just being energetic and fresh is certainly not enough, Yang Chao also paired her comic T-shirt with a delicate high ponytail, such a hairstyle is high, and the refreshing hairstyle looks Yang Chao playful, cute and funny.

2. Border animation pattern modeling

Most of these patterns have but a certain border, and often this pattern will have a certain background, which is not the same as the single pattern introduced earlier. The former highlights the main portrait or shape, while the latter focuses on the overall picture sense. Therefore, the styling effects of the two styles are also different, and each person’s favorite anime style is different, and the T-shirt pattern chosen is also different.

Coincidentally, Ni Ni also chose a comic-style T-shirt, but compared to Yang Chao of the youth department, Ni Ni, a beauty who has been walking retro temperament, chose to match the comic T-shirt with flowing long hair, which is cute and a little more gentle, making Ni Ni look more energetic and youthful, and at the same time in line with her previous positioning, intellectual and temperamental, very practical matching.

English letter printed T-shirt

This English letter print pattern always gives people a modern and simple feeling, the English letter T-shirt is worn on the body, and the whole person has a touch of competence in the freshness.

1. Letter printing shape with background

Letter printing with background is to print the required letter shape on a background color with a background. This kind of shape seems more regular, no matter how the font is changed, it cannot be separated from the frame of the background, so this kind of shape is more regular.

On the contrary, using a printed monogram pattern to wear with denim shorts will make the whole set handsome and neat, with a fashionable and fresh feeling of urban girls. Miao Miao also matched her letter T-shirt with a shoulder-length hairstyle, showing that her temperament was softer, soft and refreshing.

2. Monogram pattern shape without background color

The letter shape of this T-shirt, printed directly on the fabric of the T-shirt, is more three-dimensional than the letter shape with a background, because there is no border and background color influence, and it looks very personal and fashionable. There are no rules about who fits what t-shirt and pattern, it all depends on personal preference.

English letter T-shirt, with denim shorts handsome, with a very preppy pleated skirt, visually will be more retro and generous, with a classic and simple beauty. Ju Jingyi also uses a red-brown hair with a letter T-shirt and pleated skirt, which looks full of European atmosphere, like a princess in a medieval European castle, and her reddish-brown hair looks elegant and charming.

Hand drawn English T-shirt

The hand-drawn body pattern always looks so bold and energetic, with a handsome feeling of street style, and the hand-drawn T-shirt looks casual and has a simple sense of fashion.

1. Simple line pattern modeling

This style of styling is more reflective of the hand-drawn style, using long lines and simple colors to combine into a simple and fashionable pattern shape, which is also a more popular style.

This kind of T-shirt because of the particularity of the pattern, there are still quite a few items that can be matched, such as slim shorts and leather boots, the whole body visually creates a handsome and flamboyant style, visually very attractive, and at the same time appears that the wearer is capable and aura, and also modifies the figure.

2. The letter pattern shape of the printed body

This shape appears relatively thick, the style of the font is full of the feeling of printing, although the font matching shape can have a lot of creativity, but the font of this printing body, still seems a little decent.

A hand-drawn pattern T-shirt with suit pants and small white boots looks even more delicate. The whole set of looks has a contradictory and special beauty, which makes the wearer look very delicate in handsomeness, and the style conveyed by the whole set is particularly advanced. In addition to suit pants and leggings, hand-painted T-shirts can also be used to match feminine, sexy, youthful and other styles. Because this T-shirt style is obvious, it looks simple enough, and it can add highlights when combined with other items, but it will not be overwhelmed, and the whole look will look messy.

Monogram + pattern T-shirt

The design of the letter + pattern makes the T-shirt more casual and casual, with a sense of street style handsomeness, and at the same time simple enough. This T-shirt is also one of the most versatile items, and it is easy to wear to reduce the vitality of the body, and it is easy to match.

1. Simple style of line sense letter pattern shape

This kind of modeling pattern is very much like the style of hand-drawn shape, simple lines outline the shape of the pattern, with some monograms, so that the entire T-shirt shape looks very classy.

A long monogram T-shirt paired with ultra-shorts shows off leg length, but also thin legs. Long flowing hair brings a soft feel to the outfit, making the whole look more conflicted and attractive.

2. Exaggerated pattern letter shape

This kind of pattern shape often has a larger area on the chest, which contrasts with the delicate and small pattern, even if the pattern is simple, it will bring an exaggerated feeling.

Monogram T-shirts with small shorts, you can also tuck part of the T-shirt into shorts to emphasize the high waistline, this kind of outfit is also one of the necessary magic weapons to show height. The combination of a delicate and vibrant monogram T-shirt and small shorts looks simple enough to wear and is particularly functional to show off the figure. It can be said to be a practical combination for any occasion. Jiang Shuying also matched her monogram T-shirt with flowing long hair, making her whole person clean, fashionable and young.

3. Combination pattern modeling design

The shape of this T-shirt, which combines background + letters, hand-drawn letters, and cartoon comics, looks like a beautiful picture. It is also a very artistic form of expression, which also reflects the role of cultural shirts, and the words in the pattern will have a certain meaning.

Monogram T-shirt + short skirt is also a very good choice, simple and generous monogram pattern T-shirt with a retro-style short skirt, T-shirt tucked into the skirt to show the leg length, the width of the short skirt contrasts to show the legs thin. The vitality of the monogram T-shirt meets the retro feel of the short skirt, and the whole look is young and very attractive.

4. Artistic pattern T-shirt

Artistic pattern T-shirts always have an absurd and vibrant feeling, and the highlights of this T-shirt itself are full, artistic and eye-catching. So wear an artistically patterned T-shirt with a simple piece.

For example, Jing Tian’s set of styling, flowing long hair + art pattern T-shirt + jeans, the whole set of simple and refreshing shape, while revealing a sense of casual nature of artistic style, bright and good-looking set of matching.

5. Overall pattern printing modeling

This kind of pattern shape is often more alternative, a dress is composed of a complete pattern of clothes, but also a very artistic T-shirt pattern styling style.

That’s it for the fashionable print T-shirts in various styles, which one do you fancy? Welcome to leave a comment below, with a variety of styles of printed T-shirts, so that summer and autumn wear is more memorable.

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