Yesterday morning (November 16), Meituan Takeaway iOS App update, while optimizing some functional details, another notable detail is that its icon looks very different from before.

Although it is still the yellow kangaroo, this kangaroo is completely “flattened” and only shows its head!

Meituan takeaway new and old app icons

First of all, the kangaroo that was half exposed in the original icon now has only one head left, and its two large ears are more erect. The simplified kangaroo image retains only two solid colors, yellow and black.

Meituan takeaway new and old logo

The comparison of the old and new graphic logo above can clearly see that the proportion of the kangaroo with only the head and the wordmark has changed.

The “Meituan Takeaway” and brand slogan on the right occupy a larger visual space.

Meituan takeaway new LOGO combination

In addition, the word logo and slogan should remain unchanged, and the brand-customized font “Mei Group” launched by Meituan earlier this year should still be used.

Meituan brand font “beauty group”

At the beginning of April this year, Meituan and Founder Font Library jointly developed a custom font “Mei Group” released, this set of fonts is based on the original LOGO font modeling extension design, build a new font specification.

The picture on the right is the latest version of the 3D kangaroo image, which is a bit inflatable

In 2013, the first version of the logo used after Meituan Takeaway went online did not have the shadow of a kangaroo image. The icon is simple and straightforward, with a bowl of hot rice shown in a circular background block.

In November 2015, Meituan Takeaway updated its brand image and adopted kangaroo as its brand image for the first time.

Meituan Takeaway said that the kangaroo’s characteristics of “large bags, many items and fast running” are consistent with Meituan’s positioning of rich categories and fast delivery speed, which can provide consumers with comprehensive choices and high-quality experience (below).

Meituan takeaway logo (2015-2019)

Around 2019, Meituan Takeaway updated the wordmark, which is the prototype font of the “Mei Group” (below).

Meituan takeaway LOGO (2019-2021)

I remember that at that time, some netizens accused Meituan Takeaway’s kangaroo image of copying the logo of the British food delivery service company Deliveroo, because the two are not only the same industry, but also use kangaroo as LOGO.

In 2016, the British food delivery company updated its LOGO, and design company DesignStudio helped it simplify the original cartoon kangaroo image holding a shopping bag and adopt a more concise visual symbol.

While retaining the kangaroo appearance, the new icon became a cross-racial and cross-cultural identity. It’s more like a gesture of holding up two fingers to send a positive signal. Check out the report of the Logo Intelligence Bureau at the time.

Deliveroo Old and New Logo (2016)

Interestingly, Meituan Takeaway’s kangaroo image upgrade seems to use a similar technique to Deliveroo, except that Meituan’s kangaroo head looks more lively and cute.

Remember the first phase of the test done by the Marking Intelligence Bureau? We asked 100 design students to draw an impression of the icon of the American group takeaway without referring to any materials, and it turned out like this…

Now it seems that Meituan takeaway’s new icon is much easier to draw? You just need to remember this gesture : ✌️

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