Since Rihanna’s official announcement of her pregnancy, every appearance she has attracted heated discussion, but the focus of everyone’s discussion is not on the unborn child, but on her bold and hot fashion maternity look.

On Tuesday, Rihanna once again pushed the boundaries of fashion and appeared at Paris Fashion Week in her sexiest maternity outfit to date.

Lace tulle black dress with leather trench coat, and high-heeled boots, anyone who looks at it has to say: really dare to wear it.

As soon as Rihanna, dressed in Dior’s custom underwear, appeared, she attracted the attention of everyone present.

She showed off her pregnant belly, showed her pregnant body at a glance, and walked out of the most queenly posture in the crowd.

The whole person is interpreting “confidence shines”.

Just one photo easily retweeted on social media tens of thousands, Rihanna, worthy of you.

It’s still winter, the highest temperature in Paris is only a dozen degrees, netizens send out the most sincere greetings: Are you cold every day? Is the child cold or not?

“Her children must have a strong tolerance for cold in the future.”

“She probably won’t cover her belly until the baby is born, so I hope she stays somewhere warmer.”

As the netizen above said, this is not the first time Rihanna has shown her pregnant belly generously, and she wears “cool” clothes almost every time she appears.

However, the underwear maternity suit of Paris Fashion Week is the first time that it really provokes most netizens, and many people think that wearing underwear as a jacket in public is very indecent, which is obviously beyond the scope of fashion, and is very inappropriate from any aspect.

“Although, she is also dressed too much this time, this is not suitable for pregnant women, she looks so cheap.”

“Rihanna is a shame. Even if you are not pregnant, it is very obscene to go out in such clothes. ”

“Make yourself decent, wear the right clothes, you are now demeaning yourself.”

“I don’t have any problem with Rihanna herself, but the style of clothing she wears in public is too much. No one wants to see her half-naked, so dress like this in her bedroom. ”

“I can’t even express how wrong this thing is. A few years ago, such things should have been reserved for your partner to have an intimate, intimate moment. Yet time and time again, these stars have convinced us that inappropriate behavior is acceptable, so today’s sense of morality, decency and responsibility is weakened every day. ”

“Why did she go out without clothes?”

Some netizens even suspected that she was really not sexualizing pregnancy itself by wearing so little to go out on the street?

“I’m 8 months pregnant, pregnant or not, I don’t want to show off every inch of my belly and body! It’s not right to sexualize a growing baby! ”

“Dressing like this during pregnancy is too dirty, too vulgar. This kind of dress up will only attract strange people. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but sexualizing pregnancy is not. ”

Direct scolding also abounds.

“Disgusting! No taste, no dignity, no self-esteem or anything. I really despair for her unborn child…”

“It’s not just that she’s cold, it’s just that this body is very ugly.” So embarrassing. ”

“There’s nothing to say, it’s just pure big garbage. This is not avant-garde, not a new insight into maternity fashion, just a desperate, pathetic search for the attention of others. ”

Of course, there are not a few netizens who praise Rihanna’s beauty, think that she is originally sexy, and it is normal to wear it like this during fashion week, and this is her choice, isn’t it good to be happy and healthy?

“She looks happy and healthy, okay! I don’t care what she’s wearing, anyone who has been through a pregnancy knows how hard it can be to feel good about yourself when you’re pregnant. So seeing that she’s in good shape and likes to look in this outfit makes me happy. ”

“Everyone is giving their opinions.

But the question is: does she feel uncomfortable herself? She seems comfortable to me, so who cares. She looks amazing. ”

In addition, some netizens said that pregnant women can also have their favorite fashion, can wear their favorite clothes, not necessarily have to conform to the traditional image, always wear loose clothes.

“Rihanna is beautiful! I love that she can still feel the joy of fashion when she is pregnant. There are many pregnant women who are told to cover their stomachs, to be conservative, to forget their femininity, to forget their desires. In fact, everyone who is pregnant should have the ability to choose any style that represents them.

Getting pregnant is not easy. The same is true for people who are not pregnant. Please enjoy your outfit! ”

“Why do women hide their bodies during pregnancy? Pregnancy is obviously a natural and beautiful part of this world.

In other words, our expectations of women are also so toxic that they will be judged for having or not having children. Human beings are so mature that they should not be treated as child-making machines. We can offer far more than future generations. ”

“I just want to say to women who are pregnant, don’t beat yourself up for your own style of dressing during pregnancy. Loose, casual or all that other dress, if it makes you comfortable and happy, it’s all good, you’re still beautiful.

Rihanna is going to the fashion show, and there’s a whole team of styling behind her, and no one expects you to walk out like a catwalk every day. The way you look right now is beautiful, don’t put any pressure on yourself.

“I think she looks good, and other pregnant women should be confident like this.”

Rihanna previously said in an interview: “When a woman is pregnant, this society often has to hide your sexiness, saying that you are really not sexy now, but you can return to the original state after giving birth, I don’t believe that.” So I’m trying things that I probably didn’t have the confidence to try before I got pregnant. ”

She loves her pregnancy fashion and enjoys the process: “If I feel a little fat, think: whatever! I’m pregnant with a baby after all! ”

Her free-spirited attitude has indeed created many extraordinary maternity looks and redefined maternity wear.

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Rihanna’s combat effectiveness has become stronger and stronger every time. Leading the way is this very personal pink and blue duo, which Rihanna wears to announce to the world that she has a baby.

Then there is the wild style outfit that was photographed when eating out, denim with a crop top and a furry leopard print coat over it, completely revealing the pregnant belly.

I changed two sets for my own brand when I stood on the platform, one was a green backless sequin top and the same shiny gray-purple gradient trousers.

A set is a big red hooded trench coat, and the feet are wearing the same red stiletto sandals, and the makeup color also matches this outfit.

Both times they made sweet appearances with their boyfriends to show affection. Under Rihanna’s powerful aura, her boyfriend seems to have become a fashion item around her

(It’s not)

During the Super Bowl, both the bright blue bandana and the sheer underwear were in the limelight.

On his birthday, he wore a double ponytail and replaced it with blue fur, and his belly was still shown off as usual.

Participating in Milan Fashion Week a few days ago, she appeared domineeringly in a black latex crop top, dragon-patterned black pants, and various blingbling headdresses.

On the same day, I changed into a dark V mini skirt, and what remained unchanged was the purple fur jacket on my body.

Three days later, he attended the runway and changed to a peach-pink tight leather skirt, and a wool coat was directly put on the outside.

The sense of atmosphere is completely gripped.

Usually there are also cross-strapped ones.

Vintage, sporty.

There were also various mixes and matches before, and each set was unique.

However, the most discussed is Rihanna’s sexy hot mom look, and countless people encourage her to reject her.

And Rihanna is actually not the first pregnant mother in the European and American entertainment industry to dress sexy, singer Kadibi was pregnant before, and the officially released pregnancy photos were very sexy.

I often wear clothes and skirts that are tight and can highlight the line.

See-through clothing is also indispensable.

The costume also has a belly-revealing design.

To be honest, these European and American Divas have always been mavericks, and how to dress up has their own considerations.

No matter how you wear it, whether it is casual or sexy, as long as you are healthy, everything else is not a problem~

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