The chiffon fabric is light and transparent, and the dress made of chiffon is flowing and gentle, full of fairy atmosphere, which is especially popular with women. In fact, chiffon fabrics can also make beautiful decorations, such as the DIY pink chiffon flowers that I want to teach you today how to make them, do it yourself to know that the original market price is dozens and hundreds of flower decoration belts are actually much cheaper than you think, buy a small piece of chiffon fabric or use a chiffon skirt that you don’t wear can be made.

Let’s take a look at the tutorial:

How about this rendering!! Isn’t it beautiful!! Let’s take a look at the specific materials and methods!

You need a favorite chiffon or tulle, folded out in layers according to the thickness of the desired flower, in addition to a piece of paper, pens, scissors, pins, needle and thread, glass beads and an ordinary hairpin. Let’s take a look at this simple tutorial together!

Put the cut model on the tulle first! Let the back cut it out and cut out some “petals” according to this method

Needles and threads are needed below to connect them together! Be careful at this step! Prevent getting pricked!

This is what it looks like to connect them together!! And the final touch! to achieve the best results!

I don’t know if you see the flower rope on the left, it will look better in front of the flower!

This is what it looks like! It looks good!!

Decorate it on top of your clothes! There will be a different effect! Hurry up and give it a try!!

The maintenance of chiffon fabrics is also important:

1. Spray perfume to pay attention to the distance. So as not to leave a macula.

2. If you accidentally get it in sauce or red wine, you can clean the chiffon in these two ways:

First suck it with a paper towel, then find the soybean flour or flour, absorb the moisture on the surface, and then gently blow away the powder, and the stain will naturally be sucked away.

It is more effective to wipe off stains with soda.


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