With the diversification of fashion elements, we have more clothing to choose from. Even women’s clothing has been improved even more. In addition to elegant and sweet dresses, various cool and fashionable pants are also popular with women. Diversified styles ushered in a more splendid world, and Harlan pants as a handsome and tall pants are liked by more women.

Harlan pants are not only fashionable and versatile, but also define the figure, conceal the strength of the waist and crotch, and optimize the proportion of the legs. Nowadays, more and more women like harem pants. So how much do you know about Harlan pants? Do you know what kind of people the fashionable and versatile Harlan pants were originally worn for?

In fact, Harlan pants were originally worn by women in the Islamic harem, so Harlan pants are also called “Islamic harem pants”. The Islamic harem refers not only to the backyard of a palace that men are forbidden to enter in the Islamic world, but also to the inner rooms of the home where men are forbidden to enter and exit. In such an environment, women will wear harem pants under the skirt, harlan pants not only do not produce a sense of strangulation, but are more comfortable, and more and more people are beginning to like it.

Today’s harlan pants have become more and more diversified, different styles, different fabrics, different colors, different contrasts, can create different styles. So how to match Harlan pants to make them more colorful? Let’s share with you a few sets of good-looking Harlan pants looks, hoping to help more beauty lovers.

If you want a languid and soft aesthetic, you can choose beige halem pants, which are relatively soft in color. The woolen fabric is soft to the touch and more gentle and generous to wear. In fact, this combination of beige gray and camel color is more low-key and restrained. If you want your temperament to be more colorful, you can match a newsboy hat, which echoes the color system, and the temperament is more gentle and soft, with a low-key and not simple beauty.

The white Harlan pants are more refreshing in temperament. Compared to the soft gray, the white color is more beautiful and generous. Especially this bright color, paired with the check element of the shirt, forms a low-key and simple beauty. The shirt with checked elements, with a literary style, with nine-point Harlan pants, just shows the line of the ankle, and the proportion of the whole person is taller, which is also a more fashionable and tall way.

The retro-style outfit is still very popular. Khaki harem pants, neat cut, cropped pants length, elegant with restrained. With a white shirt and gray-green vest, it forms a relatively neat layer. This kind of collocation, exuding a literary retro style, flaunting a fashionable personality, is a relatively retro and exquisite outfit, with endless charm, people are fascinated.

The crop top contrasts with the high-waisted pants. The delicacy of this small bare waist exudes a stylish charm. The gray harlan pants have a low-key and gentle beauty, with the top on the ground, the loose fit, the navel-baring style, and the more charming style. This kind of collocation is more fashionable and generous, and it is also an easy-going and fashionable style.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. These groups of Harlan pants fashion look, which group do you think is more beautiful? Share fashion trend knowledge for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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