The whole house of the new house was designed by itself, and no one else was invited, but the decoration workers must have invited the outside for construction. In fact, decorating this house is not a design, all according to their own ideas. Before the decoration is really hard, there are many entangled places, such as what style to choose, whether to do TV, whether to do the living room TV background wall, etc., all need to be considered clearly before starting construction. Considering that I prefer the simple and generous effect, the floor height is not high, after discussion, I decided that the whole house almost does not do the ceiling, busy work for almost half a year is now finally completed, the furniture has moved in and arranged almost all, the family likes it very much, especially the living room TV background wall is really good-looking, the family has to noisy to move in, below, for everyone to sunbathe!

(The picture of this case is reproduced on the Internet)

This is a restaurant, on the left there is a sideboard that we are more satisfied with, and the place for the refrigerator is reserved, which is very convenient to use normally. Leave an empty space in the middle of the sideboard, and the things you often use can be easily placed on it, and you can take it at any time! A combination of three lights is installed on the top surface, and behind the sliding door is the kitchen, and the lighting is not bad.

The new house is being fully perfected and finally completed, and the family is happy. The location of the refrigerator is just right, but the thickness is not enough, and it protrudes a lot, but it does not affect. Set up a small square dining table, usually enough for us husband and wife, after all, there are no children now. Black and white are well matched.

Before the decoration, there was actually consideration to make a suspended ceiling, but in fact, the height of the house we bought was really low, and after discussing and deciding, several households in the whole house did not make suspended ceilings, but the bathroom and kitchen were to be made suspended ceilings. Although it does not make a suspended ceiling, it still walks a circle of plaster lines for decoration, including the living room TV background wall made of plaster lines is really good-looking, and the shape is very simple, with blue as the base color, better convex plaster lines. The sofa is arranged in an “L” shape, the position size is just right, it is more comfortable to sit, and the chandelier installed on the top surface is also preferred, and the light brightness is enough!

The living room has not yet moved furniture in, you can clearly see the front of the living room TV background wall, the top surface of the background wall is made of a ceiling, install downlights, you can increase some lighting brightness, the effect is okay, other spaces will not do the ceiling.

This is the second bedroom, and the bed has not yet been moved in, and if there are children in the future, this room will be used as a children’s room. The top surface is also not made of suspended ceiling, the wall is blue, the ground is gray, very attractive, and the installed small chandelier is very liked.

This is the master bedroom, the bedside background wall is pasted with a wall cloth, which can play a good decorative effect, and the net red wrought iron double bed bought is very comfortable to sleep. Open up the living balcony, the whole space appears brighter, and the space area is also increased.

The master bedroom bathroom is equipped with a shower curtain to separate dry and wet, which is quite convenient to use. The top surface is made of suspended ceiling, which can play a better moisture-proof role, and can also protect the line of the top surface, which is more resistant to dirt and the effect is more beautiful.

The second bathroom also did not do dry and wet separation, a toilet was installed, and the tiles on the wall and floor were relatively dirt-resistant.

The new house is finally decorated, if everyone does not like to make a suspended ceiling, or like the living room TV background wall made of plaster lines, you can do a reference ha, do not do the ceiling The whole space has no oppressive feeling, and the floor height is higher and more spacious.

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