It seems that when winter comes, the camp of coats is divided by three factions: coats, down jackets and plush jackets, and this year is no exception. How to wear three categories of autumn and winter coats to be fashionable? Take a look at the demonstrations of Korean actresses.



Park so-young

The thick and fluffy bread down jacket has the feeling of being firmly locked in the heat just on the upper body, plus a scarf, keeping warm MAX.


Jiang Shuqi

The pink down jacket sweeps away the winter haze and dullness, and the black dress inside can suppress the whole body, not making the spring look too lush, but still can hold the sense of winter.



In the black, white and gray winter, a light sky blue down jacket can instantly break the dullness, attract attention, and get rid of the image of passers-by.



When you are lazy, you can easily go out with a black down jacket, and wear a casual baseball jacket to eliminate the temperature, and the dullness of the down jacket can be eliminated.

Apricot color is a gentle tone, simple and casual and charming, soft color is elegant and temperamental, and the use of down jackets can also enhance the soft and cute feeling for ordinary styles.


Jin Yilin

The pattern on the white down jacket brings novelty to the basic model, and it is not easy to drown in the white crowd.

The suede jacket is both a jacket and a down jacket, and the shape is very varied. Fashionable and casual style with jeans + western boots, wear handsome and dashing.


Choi Ji-so

The sports-style down jacket rides the east wind of “Sports Chic”, and the handsome and cool aura of the upper body is extraordinary. Tie a refreshing high ponytail and go out on the street with a lot of confidence.


Li Xuanmei

Rely on long down jackets in winter! Sporty styles are full of vitality with sneakers. Because it is long enough to keep warm enough, what to wear inside is very free, you can safely hand over the warmth to the down jacket, and the inner layer is only responsible for beauty.


Lee Whale Lee

This winter’s popular MIU MIU star down jacket, with the innocence of a girl, is a perfect match for the romantic snow season!

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