Recently, it was announced that Yang Yi, who was pregnant, was met by Hong Kong media by chance while driving, and she was very polite after seeing the reporter, not only pulled over to greet everyone, but also got out of the car to be interviewed by the reporter, which was really polite and gentle.

It is reported that Yang Yi is traveling with her mother this time, Yang’s mother is very shy, sitting in the co-pilot wearing a sun hat and fully arming herself.

On that day, Yang Yi dressed very casually, with a loose denim jacket, black sweatpants, a baseball cap, and a mask very low-key.

During Yang Yi’s exit from the car for an interview, she kept pulling her jeans with her hands and carefully protecting her belly, seemingly not wanting to be photographed with a big belly. Although Yang Yi was dressed very loosely, she could still feel her big belly that was 7 months pregnant from the side, which was very pregnant.

I have to explain that Xing pays too much attention to the management of her body, even if she is 7 months pregnant, Yang Yi’s arms and legs are still so slender, it seems that she is another female star with a fat belly who is pregnant.

Pregnant in July, she also drove herself, which had to make netizens worry about Yang Yi, plus she was still wearing platform shoes to drive even more worried, wearing such shoes to drive is really too unsafe. There are also netizens shouting, where is Luo Zhongqian? Hurry up and drive for your wife.”

Previously, Wang Mingquan drove and accidentally hit a boom car while driving, but fortunately, this car accident was only a scratch on the car, and the personnel were not injured, in the face of his own mistake, Wang Mingquan also took the initiative to admit his mistake and took full responsibility.

It is not difficult to see from the photo that Wang Mingquan was driving in a pair of high-heeled boots that day, which is really a taboo for driving, and you must pay attention to it in the future.

So, it’s really important to drive in comfortable flat shoes. In addition, Yang Yi is still pregnant with a baby, you should pay more attention to these details, you can’t do whatever you want, it’s best not to drive during this time, let Luo Zhongqian be a chauffeur, and raising a good fetus is the most important!

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