The trumpet of Double 12 has been sounded, and another wave of stockpiling has come. I still remember this time last year, my colleague Dayuan was decorating, and a wave of home appliances placed orders, which was once ridiculed by us: “You are like a seller of electrical appliances.” “This is not, combined with Dayuan’s experience in buying electrical appliances. Decided to write a home appliance shopping guide to help everyone avoid pits.

Before renovation

The home appliances that need to be purchased before decoration are: central air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating, steam oven, dishwasher, integrated stove, range hood, gas water heater, water purification system, electric curtains, projector, smart toilet, wind/lamp warmth

# Central air conditioning

Shopping Guide:

(1) According to the size of the area and the condition of the house, it is calculated according to the cooling capacity of 150-220W per square meter. Taking the cooling capacity of 150W/㎡ as an example, a bedroom of 15㎡ is 150*15=2250 (W), choose 1 horse; 20㎡ bedroom, is 150*20=3000 (W), choose 1.5 horses.

(2) Choose a large number of air conditioners, do not choose small, otherwise the cooling capacity is not enough, and the air conditioning effect is not good.

(3) Select 1 level of energy consumption and frequency conversion

Installation method:

(1) Need suspended ceiling (side crane or full crane)

(2) When doing water and electricity, enter the site to install.

# Fresh air system

(1) The air volume of household fresh air is mainly 150m³/h, 250m³/h, 350m³/h, which need to be selected according to the area of the home. You can refer to the formula: fresh air volume = fresh air area area * ceiling height.

(2) Physical filtration + electrostatic adsorption mixed use is better.

(3) Total heat exchange is better than sensible heat exchange.

# Underfloor heating

(1) Choose electric heating within 50-80m² for small households, water heating for 80-150m², and mixed heating for more than 150m².

(2) The installation of plumbing costs money in the early stage, and saves money in the later use. Electric heating is the opposite.

Installation method: the required layer height for electric heating is 4-6cm, and the required layer height for water heating is 6-8cm.

# Steaming oven

(1) Heating tube: double tube > single tube.

(2) Cavity material: stainless steel> enamel> galvanized/aluminum plate = ceramic.

(3) Hot air circulation can make food three-dimensionally heated.

(4) The larger the capacity of the steam water tank, the better.

(5) Select heat-insulating glass (for example, LWO-E glass) for the inner layer of the door.

(6) Choose the back row of steam to prevent scalding.

Installation method: the model needs to be set in advance, leaving the size and socket, and the embedded installation is recommended.

# Dishwasher

(1) 4~6 sets for single or 2 people, 8~10 sets for general families, 12~14 sets for families with many people

(2) Good dishwasher formula: suitable capacity + embedded / desktop + crystal bud drying / hot air drying + high temperature disinfection / Ag ion disinfection + all stainless steel inner tank

Installation method: you need to set the model in advance, leave the size and socket, and it is recommended to be embedded.

# Integrated cooker

(1) Wind pressure: generally around 300pa, to 500pa is very high. Living on the lower floor, the public flue distance is long, or the smoke machine is far from the exhaust pipe, you can choose a high wind pressure integrated stove. For others, you can choose ordinary wind pressure.

(2) Exhaust air volume: high-rise or family who like to stir-fry a lot of smoke, choose 400pa, 17m²/min; For families with ordinary oil smoke, choose 300pa, 15m²/min;

(3) Oil mesh material: stainless steel > Teflon coating.

(1) After the water and electricity, generally contact the manufacturer one week in advance to make an appointment for installation, and the socket is reserved on both sides and cannot be left behind the integrated stove.

(2) Be sure to install a check valve to prevent oil fume backfilling.

# Range hood

(1) Side suction > top suction

(2) The greater the wind pressure and air volume, the better

(3) Self-cleaning> manual cleaning

(4) The higher the separation of grease, the better

Installation method: It is recommended to wrap it with a cabinet to maintain the overall unity.

# Gas water heater

(1) Heat exchange material: oxygen-free copper = phosphorus deoxidized copper > stainless steel

(2) Lower fan> upper fan

(3) Water and gas bitoneal: water servo > memory alloy

(4) Secondary energy efficiency is economical and cost-effective. The first-class condensing type is a deluxe version and is suitable for villas.

(5) Zero cold water: see if there is a return pipe at home, choose a three-pipe type if there is a return pipe, and choose a two-pipe type without a return pipe.

Installation method: you need to find someone from the gas company to punch holes in advance, and the water heater master is only responsible for installation.

# Water purification system

(1) Daily safe water: pre-filter + RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier (kitchen)

(2) Families with high water quality requirements: pre-filter + central water purifier + RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier (kitchen)

(3) Villa version: pre-filter + central water purifier + water softener (toilet) + RO reverse osmosis water purifier (kitchen) + pipeline machine

(4) Worry-free and trouble-free: all-in-one drinking machine

Installation method: Before water and electricity, it is necessary to consider which combinations to install, and the wiring needs to be arranged in advance.

# Wind/light warmth

(1) Comfort: air heating> lamp warmth

(2) Fast heating: light warmth > wind warmth

(3) Safety: air heating> lamp warmth

(4) Electricity consumption: air heating> lamp warming

Installation method: integrated installation with suspended ceiling.

# Smart toilet

(1) Siphon type> direct punch type

(2) Instantaneous > heat storage type

(3) The glazing of the whole pipeline can prevent the blockage of hanging dirt.

(4) The seat bezel with the SIAA logo has the best antibacterial properties.


# Electric curtains

(1) Motor: direct current> alternating current, built-in type> external type

(2) Track: The track material is best to choose aluminum alloy, the thicker the track wall, the better, the hanging wheel, boom is best to choose stainless steel.

(3) Curtains: One motor can only drive curtains on one track, and if it is a dual-track combination, two motors are required.

Installation method: plan the socket in advance in the hydropower stage, and the socket is preferably within 1m of the motor position.

# Projector

(1) The mainstream projection technologies on the market are 3LCP and DLP.

(2) Generally, during the day or with the lights on, choose a projector above 2000ANSI lumens.

(3) If it is used more at night, you can choose 1300~2000ANSI lumens.

(4) The higher the standard resolution, the better.

Installation method: recommended lifting projection screen, convenient, does not occupy space, need to leave a slot for the screen in advance.

After renovation

Appliances that can be added after renovation are: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, air purifier, radiator

# TV

(1) Size: 32 inches with viewing distance of less than 2m; Choose 33-45 inches for 2-2.5m viewing, 46-55 inches for 2.5-3m viewing, 55-65 inches for 3-3.5m viewing, 70-98 inches for viewing 3.5m and above.

(2) Memory: Generally, 16GB is enough, 32GB is better.

(3) Processor: the same processor, the larger the main frequency, the better.

(4) Image quality: the higher the peak brightness (800 nits or more), the more light control zones, the better.

Installation method: set the model in advance, leave the TV background wall, socket, plug and install.

# Refrigerator

(1) Refrigeration method: mixed cooling> air cooling> direct cooling

(2) Circulatory system: three-cycle> double-cycle> single-cycle

(3) Compressor operation mode: frequency conversion> fixed frequency

(4) Energy efficiency level: Class 1 is the best

(5) You can consult customer service before purchasing, and the general customer service will give coupons! (Useful for pro-test)

Installation method: The refrigerator model needs to be set in advance, leaving the size and socket, and it is recommended to install it in place.

# Washing machine

(1) The wave wheel type is cheaper, and the drum type has more complete functions.

(2) If space permits, try to choose a large capacity, starting at 8kg, 10kg is the best.

(3) DD direct drive has a good silent effect, and BLDC motor has a long service life in principle.

(4) The cleaning ratio of the wave wheel is generally 0.8-0.9, and the cleaning ratio of the drum is generally above 1.

(5) It is best to choose with sterilization function, currently silver ion sterilization, high temperature sterilization, ozone sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization less.

Installation method: set the model in advance, reserve the socket, and recommend the drum type embedded installation.

# Dryer

(1) Drying time: in-line type> heat pump type> condensing type

(2) Softness of drying clothes: heat pump type> condensing type> inline type

(3) Drying capacity: heat pump type> condensing type> inline type

(4) Power consumption: inline type> condensing type> heat pump type

(5) If there is not enough space at home, you can choose a washing and drying machine.

Installation method: set the model in advance, reserve the socket, and recommend embedded installation.

# Air purifier

(1) The larger the CADR value, the faster the purification speed and the larger the applicable area.

(2) CCN refers to the continuous purification capacity of the air purifier, which affects the service life of the filter, the higher the number of stages, the longer the service life of the filter, and the lower the replacement cost.

(3) The air purifier filter on the market is generally HEPA (filter large particles), and H12 level is sufficient.

(4) The air purifier cannot remove formaldehyde, it can only assist in purification. The best way to remove formaldehyde is ventilation!

Installation method: finished product purchase!

# Radiator

(1) At present, the most selected on the market is steel and copper aluminum composite radiator, which is cost-effective.

(2) The price of radiators is calculated according to “columns”, for example, 1.8m high radiators, the heat dissipation area is 2.5㎡. The radiator with a height of 1.5 meters has a heat dissipation area of 2㎡. From this, it is possible to calculate how many “columns” a family needs.

Installation method: installed on the surface of the wall, need to leave permeable holes.

PS: There are also some small appliances that can be slowly added after moving in, such as stereo, small kitchen treasure, microwave oven, rice cooker, soy milk machine, steam mop, floor scrubber, humidifier, mite remover, garment ironer, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner.

In fact, all electrical appliances, it is best to plan before decoration, in the decoration process, you can let the decoration master and the manufacturer installation master cooperate with the installation, can see the installation effect in time. If there is an error during the installation process, it can be reworked immediately without delaying the subsequent construction period too much.

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Installation method:

Installation method:

Installation method:

(1) Need suspended ceiling (side crane or full crane)

(2) When doing water and electricity, enter the site to install.

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