It is very interesting to hang one or two paintings in the old people’s home to decorate. Recently, Mr. Zhang received a picture of a tiger from a friend and hung it in the living room, who knew that Mrs. Zhang got up in the middle of the night to drink water, and was startled by the tiger in the painting in the fog, fell on the floor, and only eased up for a long time. It was originally for art appreciation, but it brought fright, which was really worth the loss. So, how should families with elderly people hang pictures and what kind of paintings should be hung well?

Calligraphy and painting carry the essence of Chinese civilization and are elegant art. Several paintings and calligraphy works are hung in the home, whether in the living room or bedroom, for the elderly to enjoy the taste in their leisure time, which is very elegant and interesting. The basic principles of calligraphy and painting works suitable for the elderly are simple style, soft lines, and elegant colors.

In old age, the best dialogue partner is nature, and it is recommended that the elderly hang paintings of flowers and birds in the living room. A flower, a bird, a grass and a tree, the elderly watch it every day, can calm the mood and place emotions.

Therefore, flower and bird paintings are the first choice for hanging paintings in the living room of the elderly. Peonies symbolize wealth, bamboo symbolizes high knots, and magpies represent joyful eyebrows, all of which are good themes for flower and bird paintings.

The study room is a stage for the elderly to directly display their personality, preferably with landscape paintings and calligraphy works. The magnificent scenery in the landscape paintings not only reflects the grandeur of the old man, but also shows the unique taste and spiritual pursuit of the owner in the painting. Calligraphy works have high aesthetic value and artistic atmosphere, which can create a strong cultural atmosphere, which is very suitable for the elderly to hang in the study to cultivate their emotions. If the old man gets a masterpiece, he can not only admire it, but also copy it from time to time to improve his calligraphy level.

In the bedroom, it is recommended to hang a pine crane picture and a shou peach picture. Both pine trees and cranes are symbols of longevity, and they are very auspicious in themselves, not only expressing wishes for health and longevity, but also praising the character of the elderly. Shou Taotu is also blessed, full of joy and positive energy. The bedroom should not hang imposing landscape paintings, as well as works that are too dynamic such as flying eagles and galloping horses.

The hanging paintings in the dining room of the elderly should be in line with the dining atmosphere, and it is not recommended to hang calligraphy and landscape paintings, but clean and fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and birds. You can choose a sketch of a still life of fruits and vegetables, or an oil painting with the theme of bottles and dishes, etc., which is best full of life.

Do not hang too many large-sized paintings, it will give people a burdensome feeling. Works that are too showy, such as mosaics, acrylic paintings, and glass paintings, are easy to visual fatigue and are not conducive to the rest and recuperation of the elderly. More terrifying paintings such as beast drawings are prone to fright. Paintings of sunset and western mountains, gloomy and gray, and bleak artistic conception are especially unsuitable.

Zhu Lili (from People’s Network)

Source: Tonight News

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