The times are progressing and developing, and at the same time, wearing clothing and other aspects are becoming more and more avant-garde and fashionable, especially the “low-waist clothing” in today’s avant-garde clothing is the most typical. Low-rise clothing is a must-have item for many hot girls, from the initial “strange impression” to the current fashion and high-end, more and more women wear it in formal occasions or daily commuting.

With the strong attack of retro style, the “low-rise suit” is back on fire!

Singer Liu Baixin, wearing a 30cm miniskirt on the red carpet, long legs, slender waist in front of the eyes, although super eye-catching, but the overall proportion of clothing is greatly reduced, and at the same time wearing five or five points of body proportion is really not good-looking, even netizens call spicy eyes!

First, wear low-rise clothing and say no to short tops!

Liu Baixin’s style is from MiuMiu’s spring/summer 2022 collection, and the overall presentation is millennial retro style, although it is full of cool and sassy hot girl temperament,

But too short low-waisted clothing, or with too short tops, will break their original beautiful body proportions, even the supermodel body will visually give people a sense of five-five

, making the overall temperament greatly reduced!

Today, social inclusion has become stronger, women’s social status has been continuously improved, and low-rise clothing associated with women has become more popular. From the runway shows of many big-name clothing, it can be seen that the designers are constantly innovating, breaking the conventional design and people’s inherent concepts, making the low-waist clothing more personal style, and has become a fashionable item pursued by many celebrity trendsetters.

Second, this is the correct way ✅ to open the low-rise suit

“Low-rise clothing” is usually based on the style of trousers below the navel, along with the strong attack of “low-rise clothing”, it must also make many fashionable women have a headache, because although low-rise clothing is fashionable and avant-garde and novel, it is also very high in the requirements for body shape when driving. So how should we control the “low-rise suit” without a supermodel body?

(1) The choice of low-waist clothing

If you want to control the avant-garde low-rise outfit, you must first choose the right low-rise outfit that suits you, and you can’t blindly follow the trend. Because choosing the right low-waist clothing that suits you is not only conducive to the presentation of the overall style, but also can achieve the effect of “promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses” when wearing, greatly improving temperament!

1. Cover flesh = low-rise skirt

When it comes to covering meat, there must be a name for a skirt, especially a long skirt! Because the large and loose skirt can perfectly cover the flesh of women’s lower bodies, even the pear-shaped body with thick legs can easily control low-rise clothing, fashionable and cover the flesh. At the same time, choose a black skirt to show the best thinning effect, and the classic versatility does not pick the skin tone.

Leather low-rise skirt:

The lines are neat and smooth, with a capable temperament, and the casual matching is very European and American avant-garde, and the upper body is fashionable modern girl;

Woolen low-rise skirt:

The material is soft and warm, with a strong gentle femininity, it is recommended to match in a complete set, fashionable and eye-catching, and super high-end, and the overall celebrity has a sense of sight.

2. Thin = low-rise leggings

The low-waisted and tight pants will wrap the legs tightly, and at the same time define the extremely smart, straight and slender legs, perfectly outline the curves of the figure. Even if you wear a loose and heavy top in autumn and winter, it will not look bloated, draggy, fashionable and thin! Tight denim low-rise pants are recommended, which are not only full of avant-garde, but also full of casual atmosphere overall.

Whether women choose tight low-rise pants or slightly loose low-rise pants, it is recommended that simple solid color styles are the best, and vice versa, to avoid styles where color printing is too complicated. This not only avoids stepping on thunder, reduces the difficulty of dressing, but also makes the outfit more eye-catching and advanced.

3. Skin exposure = short low-rise clothing

Short low-waist clothing is generally divided into two categories: low-rise short skirts and low-rise shorts, and the upper body can perfectly expose women’s slender legs, thereby achieving the skin-revealing effect of wearing. There are more exposed skin in the outfit, while highlighting the beautiful figure, it can also appear that the overall shape is light and energetic, creating a sense of wearing atmosphere, which is simply sexy and hot!

(2) Learn to learn celebrities and trendy people to wear it like this, and they have no friends when they are so trendy

Once you’ve chosen a low-rise outfit that suits you, it’s time to think about how to match it! Of course, the low-rise clothing with a very personal temperament is not the same temperament and style when matched with different items. Next, the editor has sorted out several sets of low-waist outfits for everyone, you don’t miss it.

Look1: Low-rise + knitwear

Soft, comfortable materials on the upper body can often enhance the overall texture of the outfit, such as knitwear. This kind of item is fashionable and eye-catching, even if it is matched with low-rise pants, it is naturally not a problem, and at the same time, it can also use the contrast of materials to create a “small sexy”, choose a personalized style design, make daily wear more attractive, and easily transform into a hot girl.

The knitted material is soft and sticky, if paired with denim low-rise pants, it not only increases the casual feeling of the shape, but also combines hard and soft to achieve a balance between the top and bottom, coordinated without losing the sense of premium. Choose a style with a “cute” element knit bodice, and there is a very good age-reducing effect, sweet and very youthful.

Look2: Low waist + small suspenders/small vests

Women who like hot girls must have items such as small suspenders and vests in their wardrobes, and more exposed skin areas look sexy and vibrant, but they will not look fat and bloated at all. It is recommended to use a short vest with long low-rise pants, which really shows off the long legs, and at the same time shows the small waist of the fairies.

Although small suspenders and vests are sexy and good-looking, many women still find it difficult to wear texture. Women may wish to match the low-rise outfit with the color tone of the small suspender and vest, showing the high-end atmosphere in the same color.

White tonal:

Pure, clean, looks comfortable and eye-catching, does not pick skin tone, but also highlights the simple sense of luxury in the most extreme colors;

Orange tonal:

Vitality, youth, has a good age-reducing effect, not suitable for black skin, the overall is more bright, eye-catching and advanced.

look3: Low waist + T-shirt

A T-shirt is a very classic, versatile piece that will be less difficult to navigate with low-rise pants and usually won’t step on a thunder. If you combine it with the same classic low-rise jeans, it is a strong combination, with a strong casual temperament, fashionable and good-looking, showing the little sexiness in daily life.

Look4: Low waist + small fragrant style

The charm of Xiaoxiangfeng must be said by Xiaobian, and its unique material makes it have a super “recognition” in the clothing industry, even if many ordinary and simple items are matched with Xiaoxiangfeng, it can instantly look expensive. In particular, the combination of small fragrant style and low-rise pants shows her sexy and feminine side in the nobility, and turns into a sexy celebrity!

Today’s editor’s Amway, that’s all over here! Are you in love with such trendy, edgy low-rise pants?

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