Now people will choose KTV for gatherings, KTV singing atmosphere is active, and the program is suitable for public entertainment. This form makes everyone like the feeling of being able to sing as much as they want on KTV, and they can release themselves to their heart’s content. Sometimes if you want to sing, you can only go to KTV is very inconvenient, so now many people will install KTV equipment in the living room, usually they can use it, guests come, you can also entertain together.


1. The most important thing in choosing a jukebox is stability, no matter how good things always crash is definitely not good, suddenly crash when playing just right, even if the happy mood is ruined.

2. Followed by the song library, the song library includes quality and quantity and update speed, quality: sound quality, picture quality; Quantity: quantity; There is also the speed of new song update, but it is not the more songs in it, the better, the kind of 2T hard disk can put a seventy, eighty thousand high-definition songs are basically useless, the hard disk is only so large, the more songs are put the more quality is not guaranteed, and then the smoothness of machine operation, the kind of card and card, point half a day no response is definitely not good, better is to achieve the smoothness of high-quality mobile phones

3. In addition, the aesthetics of the UI interface, that is, the interface displayed on the touch screen, to make people look very comfortable, beautiful, not too cluttered, the operation interface should also pay attention to the clarity of the above picture, it looks very cottage is also uncomfortable, and it needs a large screen HD.

To build a KTV living room at home, to be able to hear the sound, there must be speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphones to sing, and touch screens, and the most important is the jukebox. It can be said that this set of home KTV equipment is more important than the song machine and the speaker, and it will match the appropriate amplifier, the standard is to choose the power of the amplifier is 1.5 times or 2 times the power of the speaker. The stability of the jukebox system feels that the speed of the song and the capacity of the song, now there is an integrated jukebox, compared with the traditional jukebox, the integrated jukebox no longer needs to be equipped with the touch screen, becoming more convenient and intelligent.

The jukebox is so important, and there are so many brands of the jukebox? How to buy it?

The quality of the general brand of jukebox can be, Shiyi, Shiyi song running stably, smooth picture, simple to use, batch download of songs, later update form, extremely cost-effective, suitable for small K song venues.

Leike jukebox has good performance, beautiful interface, easy operation, supports a variety of video outputs: VGA analog signal output, HDMI high-definition output, etc., strong compatibility, there are large-capacity popular songs, which can be added by networking.

There is also a music king is also widely loved by everyone, the music king created the 3D era, with a sense of three-dimensional, super high-speed singing, clear picture, the jukebox also has the function of shuffling and disrupting restoration.

How to use the touch screen? The effect of the touch screen capacitive screen is better

The reputation of these brands is very good, and each has its own characteristics. Which brand of jukebox is your home in? You can communicate with each other, or read so many jukebox brand recommendations, which brand do you prefer?

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