It’s all 2022, stop wearing slim models, now it’s popular to wear “big one” …

The main purpose of dressing is to be comfortable, don’t blindly wear slim styles in order to pursue shapeshaping, this will only backfire, either look fat or thinner!

In contrast, wearing an oversize is not only loose and comfortable, but also looks more stylish.

Especially for 50-year-old middle-aged men, the most taboo thing is to dress slim and look small, giving people a feeling of “wearing the clothes left over from their son”.

Of course

The oversize style is not loose, but “one size bigger” on the basis of slimming, loose and comfortable, and middle-aged men wear it more stylish~

First, the top of the “big one”

The “size bigger” top helps to define the figure, and it can have a better warmth effect in winter wear.

The short down jacket “one size bigger” turns into a bread suit

The silhouette looks more fashionable, increasing the capacity of the interior space of the garment for easy layering. However, it should be noted that

Long down jackets are not recommended to wear “one size bigger”, which is easy to crush the height.

For middle-aged men, it is not necessary to adhere to the beauty of uneven lines, but to consider the coordination of the overall body proportions.

The coat of “big one” is more inclusive of the body, and it is more unrestrained to wear without the waist design, and it can also cover up the shortcomings of the body such as the big belly

The coat itself has a better drape feeling, the fabric has a certain sense of rigidity, and the “big one” is more awe-inspiring to wear.

For other styles of tops, the “big one” can also improve plasticity and reduce the rate of wearing errors.

Loose-fit knitwear jacket, even if the material is slightly soft, it will not be too close to the body and expose the short board,

It is easy to layer with clothing items and enrich the sense of layering of shape

Second, the bottom of the “big one”

Unlike women, if men wear too slim pants, it is not only easy to expose the shortcomings of the leg shape, but also reduce the overall fashion attributes, and the hormonal charm is greatly lost.

The “big one” pants can meet the wearing comfort to the greatest extent, and have a good disguising and modification effect on O-legs and X-shaped legs.

For example

Wide-leg pants

, a fabric with a harder texture and strong drape feeling, longitudinal stretching vision to show the leg length.

Japanese men love to wear it

Tapered pants

, also adopts the “one bigger” shape design, by widening the width of the leg to modify the leg shape, different styles can also create different fashion shapes.

The tough handsomeness of cargo tapered pants and the business casual of tapered trousers play an important role in dressing.

Third, the accessories of “Big One”

Color matching plays a finishing role in dressing, and most people think that the smaller the accessory, the better, but it is not, but it is

The oversize style accessories of the “big one” can enhance the sense of style

For example, a wide scarf is warm and fashionable in winter wear, making the overall look more awe-inspiring.

Or exaggerated hats and “bigger” bags, by increasing the proportion of accessories in the shape, enhance their personality and wearing taste, and if necessary, can also play an age-reducing effect.


“The looser the age”, it is recommended that 50-year-old middle-aged men may wish to wear “bigger”, and the overall shape will look more stylish!

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