“Shichahai” went high and low, originally thought to be a down-to-earth Beijing drama, but it seems to be just a diseaseless moaning in a patriarchal family.

The whole family lives in a set of Beijing courtyard passed down from the grandmother Jin Yan’s family, grandfather Zhuang Weitian is a state banquet chef, the eldest son Zhuang Zicun is an organ cadre, the second son has settled abroad, the youngest daughter Zhuang Jing is a well-known doctor, and the only one who does not fight is the third son Zhuang Zhibin.

But it was a big family with such a background that was actually smashed by a pie that fell from the sky. This pie was brought by Zhuang Zhibin.

Zhuang Zhibin is a middle-aged man with a talent for cooking, but he is a child, he entered the society after graduating from junior high school, and later met his current wife Sun Feng (Feng’er) when he was selling goods at a stall, and insisted on marrying her. Feng’er has always said that she is a wild girl in the countryside, how can He De marry Zhuang Zhibin, but in my opinion, the native Tianjin girl is no worse than the Beijinger Zhuang Zhibin, why is the superiority of Beijingers still so strong?

Three generations of croppers live together, but breakfast is all made by this third daughter-in-law, and she has made breakfast for as many years as she has been married into the banker’s family. The crop people all think that Feng’er is high, so Feng’er’s hard work should be deserved.

Feng’er’s boss wanted to take the restaurant out, and Feng’er, who was bent on “showing her face” in the banker, felt that this was a good opportunity, so she told Zhuang Zhibin the news, and Zhuang Zhibin happily organized a meeting of the whole family, saying that as long as the hotel accepts, it is a matter of great benefit. Everyone slapped their thighs and directly pooled money to take down the restaurant.

But no one has ever wondered why the boss who is full of customers every day changes hands at a low price? So, they were successfully deceived. It turned out that the street required rectification, and the main entrance of the hotel was to be closed, which meant that if you wanted to go to this restaurant to eat, you had to go into the alley, and the business plummeted.

Of course, as the audience, we all know that only by stepping on this pit can the dealer let Mr. Zhuang out of the mountain and attract customers with superb cooking skills, after all, he is the inheritor of court cuisine.

So, according to the routine of all TV series, Mr. Zhuang came out, the signboard of “Zhuangjia Cai” was hung, plus network publicity, and the business was too good to be true.

However, the third son has always caused trouble, claiming that he can do anything, that is, not in the service industry of serving people. He was kicked out of the house after he annoyed Old Master Zhuang several times.

At this time, he began to reflect on himself, applying to be a security guard, a human-powered tricycle driver, and a car park to see the car. In the end, I simply rented a small door face and sold the noodles. But this braised noodles is not simple, priced at 50 yuan a bowl, I would rather throw out the brine than reduce the price.

The most extreme thing is that in the weather of minus a few degrees in winter, if you want to eat outdoors, you have to make a reservation, otherwise you can’t eat, where is this brine? It is definitely a Zhuangjia dish, and the ingredients are exquisite. mouth mushrooms from Tongliao, shiitake mushrooms from Wutai Mountain, black fungus from Changbai Mountain, dried yellow flowers from Qu County in Sichuan, big red star anise from Gulong in Teng County, and big red pao peppercorns from Fengxian County; The meat is plum blossom two-knife meat behind the front leg of the pig; The noodles are egg white, three awakening, three kneading, three piercing, and five strips of noodles pulled out; Braised in place peppercorn oil. The ingredients are top-quality, and the processes are unambiguous.

To be honest, when I heard this, I really wanted to taste this taste, although I still think that 50 yuan a bowl is a bit expensive, but it is okay to eat it occasionally.

Then, Zhuang Zhibin made a fortune with this noodle shop and was forgiven by his father and wife. Limited to 100 bowls a day, this is real hunger marketing; Do not hire people, from the selection of materials to the final noodles, they are all hands-on, ensure quality, and increase repeat customers; Down-to-earth noodles, earn money by craftsmanship, and be recognized by his family.

Then, in just one month, he earned 120,000 yuan, handed in his “salary card”, and found the direction of his career. Dudu went around in a big circle, but he still became a chef according to Old Master Zhuang’s wishes, and inherited the Zhuangjia dishes.

But, seriously, wouldn’t it be suffocating to have such a father? When Zhuang Zhibin was 7 years old, Zhuang Weitian gave him a knife and let him practice knife work, and his childhood was not happy. Finally, he was admitted to a key high school, but Zhuang Weitian took matters into his own hands, gave him the vocational high school he applied for, and learned to cook. Zhuang Zhibin did not have the right to choose his own life, so he resisted, he went to any industry that his father did not look at, but he was unwilling to compromise. As for why he still became a chef in the end, if not for a happy ending, or confessed his fate, isn’t this another sadness?

In the banker, Zhuang Weitian is to say that there is no one and the same, and the only person he can bow his head is his “Gege” wife. He is afraid of heaven and earth, and he also cares about this and that.

He meddled in the marriage of his eldest son and wanted him to remarry; He interferes with the love of his youngest daughter and does not recognize foreign sons-in-law; He threw his granddaughter out of the yard until his old grudge was cleared.

This old man is dedicated to the good of his family, but he is full of the shadow of male power.

This drama looks very grounded, but if you look at it completely, you will find that it is still floating. This may be the common problem of domestic dramas, which cannot be changed for a long time.

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