I believe that every boy has his own suit dream, the day he officially wears a suit may be a sign that we become adults, but dressing is very important, in addition to the suit, but also with a pair of comfortable and suitable shoes, comfortable for the feet, and suitable is to match the scene, Xiaobian as a leather shoe enthusiast today to introduce you to a soft and comfortable leather shoes that meet business needs – seven-sided soft cowhide egg roll business leather shoes.

Leather shoes are still very tempting to Xiaobian, so here directly across the packaging part to look at the shoes, this shoe has a lace-up and a pedal style to choose from, and pure black shoes just meet the needs of business.

This leather shoe uses a soft Q elastic first layer of cowhide, the biggest feature of this cowhide is breathable, so shoes made of such cowhide can well discharge the moisture in the shoe out, so as to ensure that the shoe is not stuffy, we become this phenomenon for the “siphon phenomenon” of cowhide, shoes are not stuffy I believe this is one thing we all look forward to.

As mentioned above, this shoe has a lace-up type and a pedal model to choose from, here Xiaobian chooses the lace-up type, because compared to the one-foot pedal model, the lace-up shoes because of the laces and their auxiliary parts are presented on the upper of the shoe to give people a feeling is not monotonous and delicate, in addition, the difference is that the back of the lace-up type of shoes is elastic tightening design, with the tie can be convenient to wear.

After looking at the outside of the shoes, let’s look at the inside of the shoes, there are two parts in the shoes, one is the inside of the shoes,

It is understood that the inside of this shoe also joins DuPont antibacterial and anti-odor technology, and is the first to move the military antibacterial technology to consumer shoes, its antibacterial rate can be as high as 99.9%, antibacterial, feet are healthier, sweaty feet smelly feet problem has been solved to a certain extent, is it very expected?

After talking about the shoes, let’s look at the insole part, the insole of this shoe uses water-dyed pigskin as raw material, the processed water-dyed pigskin insole has excellent moisture absorption and breathability, the water-dyed pigskin layer in the process of wearing can quickly absorb the sweat or moisture of the feet to the bottom sponge layer, so as to ensure the dry and comfortable feet, when the shoes are taken off, the moisture can be spread into the air through the water-dyed pigskin layer to keep the inside of the shoes dry. In addition to being able to absorb moisture, the sponge layer also has a good cushioning effect, so the comfort in wearing is still relatively good.

Finally, let’s take a look at the sole part of this shoe, this shoe is made of molded soft rubber outsole, the sole is a simple flat design, the overall presentation of soft texture characteristics, although soft but its anti-slip wear resistance is still very good, light while more feeling is steady.

The above picture is the actual wearing picture of the editor, the biggest feeling in formal occasions is comfortable, and the common derby commuter shoes compared to it is softer, egg roll shoes are worthy of the name, the sole is soft enough, so a longer commuting and standing will not be too tired and not so painful feet, the sole anti-slip and wear resistance are also better than the former, so the occasional brisk walking and trotting in daily life and work is completely OK, the soft first layer of cowhide is comfortable to wear and good breathability, Water-dyed pigskin insole with molded soft rubber outsole brings us the biggest feeling is comfortable, DuPont antibacterial and anti-odor technology added to make Xiaobian have confidence in leather shoes, so will you like such leather shoes?

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