『 Full of stars 』

With Line:

Forum Zhenzhen family alpaca 1 share

With needles:

No. 9, No. 8, No. 7



Length: 84cm Width: 120cm


I still used the alpaca horse sea of the Zhenzhen family, and bought 2 large barrels

Find a way to destroy it Turning to the collection of money, I finally made up my mind to pull the weeds. Fortunately, the thick needle and thick thread can be completed in a week

The back is fully stitched, and I can’t take pictures, so let’s make do with it

There is a bit of color difference between indoor and outdoor, subject to the first color

Weaving instructions:

The knitting notes stay here, because there is still thread ah next time try the big leaf flower

Back piece: 9 needle starting needle single thread 134 needles 6 rows after changing 7 knitted twist 22 rows (7 needles, 4 rows of 1 flower), while receiving 8 needles, that is, 126 needles. After hitting 222 lines (111 braids), start to open the slanted shoulder, 5 stitches once reverted, 9 regressions, oblique shoulder 49 stitches, after hitting the 5th rebate, 28 stitches are retained (at this time, 24 stitches left in the shoulder are not returned), and the sides continue to oblique shoulder regression (no arc cut-out collar).

Front piece: No. 9 needle starting needle single thread 134 needles 6 rows after changing the 7 needle twist 22 rows (7 needles 4 rows 1 flower), then knit pattern B43 needles, pattern C48 needles, open the pocket after hitting 80 rows, hit 222 rows (111 braids) and start to close the slanted shoulders, 5 stitches once, oblique shoulder 49 stitches, after hitting the 5th return (at this time the shoulder has 24 stitches left unled) 36 needles in the front collar, and continue to oblique shoulder return on both sides (no arc cut-out collar)

Collar: No. 8 needle front collar needle 36 + shoulder side pick needle 16 + back collar needle 28 (put needle to 36 needles) + shoulder side pick needle 16 = 104 needles Keep the front and rear collar pattern C The rest are needles, after hitting the appropriate length, change the No. 9 needle to play 6 rows of single threads, sewing needle needle needle collection

Sleeve: 9 gauge needle 50 needle 6 rows of single thread, 7 gauge needle twist 26 rows, start according to the two sides of the 2 stitches, 48 stitches pattern c, start from the twist to add needles, 14-1-1, 6-1-16, no addition or subtraction 4 stitches, a total of 84 stitches, flat and stitched.

The sleeves are stitched with the front body, occupying 28 braids from the shoulders down, and the height is not measured, so come according to your preference

Thanks to Master TY for leaving the crystallization of wisdom to the weaver girls, the illustration is as follows.

• end •

Author | Sisi’s mother

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